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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Lifetime Sales


How Much Do You Predict for Lifetime Sales of Tears of the Kingdom?

Under 15 million 38 5.36%
15-18 Million 24 3.39%
18-21 Million 49 6.91%
21-24 Million 84 11.85%
24-27 Million 102 14.39%
27-30 MIllion 127 17.91%
30-33 Million 82 11.57%
Over 33 Million 203 28.63%

As we know, The Legend of Zelda sold over 10 million copies as of last week, So we know it will definitely hit well over the 10 million mark. Where do you think it'll stop? 

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Hmm. I do think the sales will be pretty front-heavy for the launch and first year. But I think it will have some legs.

Pessimistic: 25 million
Optimistic: 35 million

Let's meet in the middle at about 30 million. Breath of the Wild has already exceeded 30 million, and still a little juice left in it.

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To be honest, the low ball had to start somewhere, So I started it at 15 million, which I find completely unrealistic but most of the times that's how it goes. It's one of my first sales prediction polls so hopefully it looks alright. xD

I think it'll eventually sell over 30 million between the Switch version and next gen version.

If they decide to re-release the game on their next console in some capacity with improvements and whatever DLC they're gonna conjure. I guess a 30M+ pathway is plausible.

But in the moment. I think this is sitting for a 20-25M LT sales on the Switch.

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I probably would have expected 23-25m before launch, but now I wouldn't be shocked if it's closing in on 25 mil by the end of the year. 30m lifetime seems achievable, even launching this late in the lifespan.

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I think it will easily sell over 30 million in its lifetime. I always thought it wouldn't outsell BOTW, but I feel like there's a chance that it could!

I think even if a next gen version isn't happening it'll keep selling both on the Switch and the next gen console through bc and end up north of 35mil, where I think BotW will also end up.

Well, it was just behind Scarlet/Violet and that sold 20m already, although it had a holiday season right after release. Likely less than BOTW by some margin but at least as much as S/V is right now.






I mainly have it over 30 million as possible since Breath of the Wild hit 29 million. I could see them doing a cross gen release since the Switch has some frame rate issues according to some people.