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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Lifetime Sales


How Much Do You Predict for Lifetime Sales of Tears of the Kingdom?

Under 15 million 38 5.36%
15-18 Million 24 3.39%
18-21 Million 49 6.91%
21-24 Million 84 11.85%
24-27 Million 102 14.39%
27-30 MIllion 127 17.91%
30-33 Million 82 11.57%
Over 33 Million 203 28.63%
Slownenberg said:

I find it funny that over 10% of people have voted 18-21 million or LESS!! haha.

It sold 10 million in three days! Ya gotta figure it probably hit 12m on the second week, and be at 15 million by end of this quarter, certainly 20m by end of the year, and maybe much sooner than that. And that gives it a bunch of months still to sell above 20m before next gen even starts.

I just didn't want to get my hopes up.