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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Lifetime Sales


How Much Do You Predict for Lifetime Sales of Tears of the Kingdom?

Under 15 million 38 5.36%
15-18 Million 24 3.39%
18-21 Million 49 6.91%
21-24 Million 84 11.85%
24-27 Million 102 14.39%
27-30 MIllion 127 17.91%
30-33 Million 82 11.57%
Over 33 Million 203 28.63%

I voted 27-30mil. With Switch's life ending in the next 12-18 months people will be focusing their attention on the next system so that'll hurt TotK's legs a bit.

It should hit 20m this year, maybe be there before the holiday quarter even starts. Wouldn't be surprised if it passes 20m during the summer quarter. And it should do well over the holidays, but I think by next year it'll be selling 1mil per quarter tops. Maybe it's at 27-28m by end of 2024 with the next gen system out. And it'll continue to get a trickle of sales, especially assuming next gen is backwards compatible. But I don't see that being enough to pass 30m. I expect it'll finish some 5 million behind BotW.

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I think 30-33 is a safe bet, especially if it releases on the next hardware as well.

Around 30m or so is my guess.

It all depends on if they do a next gen version and how they go about it.

I don't think it will do as well as BotW, so I voted 18-21m.

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over 35 millions!


Over 30 mil.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

I don't think it will do as well as BotW, so I voted 18-21m.


What is the timeframe cutoff? 10 years from now?


One thing people are not taking into account is that this is a very tik tok friendly game which could have a positive effect on sales.