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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which should I buy first (Read OP for details)? The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or Final Fantasy XVI

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I have $35 worth of Gift Certs for Best Buy thanks to my PS5 purchase, which game should I get?

Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) 9 24.32%
The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (NS) 28 75.68%
Jpcc86 said:

TOK releases first, so thats the one.
You can get FFXVI later, around... June 22.

Well its not the release date that is the issue, its the fact my gift certs expire in early June.

I wasnt planning to buy FFXVI or Zelda ToTK so soon to begin with.

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BasilZero said:

I wasnt planning to buy FFXVI or Zelda ToTK so soon to begin with.

Well, if its between one or the other, the I guess go for FFXVI, I think you are a huge FF fan so go for it. 

But still... Buy both. 

Jpcc86 said:

Well, if its between one or the other, the I guess go for FFXVI, I think you are a huge FF fan so go for it. 

But still... Buy both. 

Oh I plan to get both - just deciding which to get first.

The points that were made on another site and here were good feedback.

I can not answer this until the game comes out and we get to see how they panned out. If I were you (and I mean that literally), I would wait a month before buying them.

Probably Tears of the Kingdom, since the digital version will probably only occasionally get sales down to $60 and the physical version will occasionally be on sale for $50-$60.
Final Fantasy XVI will likely already have discounts at some point this year, and steep discounts starting in 2024 or 2025.

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The realist answer:

Buy The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It's Nintendo, they're never going to price drop so you might as well buy it new. Nintendo's motto after all is "If you missed our launch experience of buying our new games or system? No sweat because we always keep our launch prices!"

Final Fantasy XVI can definitely see a sale by the end of this year. And maybe by the time you finish Zelda there'll be a sale for FFXVI.

I can only really say what I would personally do, which is get FFXVI. I'll be getting both games as well, but the new Final Fantasy is likely to be the only game released in 2023 I'll be buying this year, while I'll get around to TotK next year at the earliest. However, what others have said about the discounts also make sense, Nintendo practically never discounts their games to any great degree, so if you have a gift certificate that might be smarter financially speaking. One of the reasons why I basically only ever buy one new Nintendo game a year at most.

Fuck man.

I only planned to watch a bit of the FFXVI State of Play and skim through it but before I knew it, I was like halfway done - watched the whole thing.

They brought back a companion like Interceptor from FFVI.

Some of the bosses reminds me of Dark souls bosses.

There's bounties/side quests.

The gameplay is exactly what I wanted to be - putting shame to Namco's Tales series from the presentation.

The remix of the main theme of Final Fantasy from the beginning got me hooked.

The whole part about you going through the character's teens, 20s and 30s looks like it will shit all over FFXV's original plan (child Noctis, teen noctis and then adult noctis).

The UI looks great. The side scrolling shooting gameplay looks great too.

Damn, I'll make a decision later tonight while I recover from soaking in all the awesomness that I've seen today between the Zelda ToTK and FFXVI presentations today. Its like today was made for me lol.

Two of my most hyped games from two of my most favorite franchises coming out this year - I'm gonna be feasting this year for sure.

Don't ask me because I'm super-biased.

I'll say Final Fantasy 16.

It has a lot more to offer in terms of performance options (does ToTK have a 60FPS mode?), it leverages the hardware of the PlayStation 5, and most importantly you have a chocobo PFP lol.