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Forums - Movies & TV - The New D&D Movie Is Actually Reviewing Well!

Dante9 said:
HoloDust said:

I've read that somewhere as well, though I must admit I don't get that vibe from trailers. Though, given how much Wizards of the Coast (as D&D IP holder) went full retard on certain subjects in the last few years, I do wonder if their in-house politics got something to do with those statements.

I don't know, man. Even the trailer that I've seen at least gives me the "goofy useless men and girlboss women who take care of business" vibes. And yeah, WotC have gone full mental virus as well.

It would be so cool to have an actually cool D&D movie, but I'm not holding my breath.

Well, as I said, I didn't get that feel from trailers, whatever people making the film said in interviews about "emasculating men on purpose". Looking at official character stats at D&D Beyond paints a fairly standard picture of their classes, with Paladin being the toughest of them (though, he is of higher level than the others), so I guess only after watching the film I'll see if there's any truth to those statements, or it's just (bad) "advertising".

Honestly, I would like for the film to be even sillier than it apparently is, if they chose to go the route of the light-hearted DnD campaign. Personally, I prefer much grimmer stuff, but that doesn't fit too well with DnD, at least the modern take on it.

Now, Elric of Melnibone - that would be something I would love to see, a proper film or a show to give it the justice it deserves, given how many writers over the decades borrowed from Moorcock (like Martin and Sapkowski, to name two of the most well known).