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Jumpin said:

Not specifically an American thing, but definitely a part of the US’s culture war and political culture shifting, but Russell Brand and his shifting brand.

It seems that it’s probable that his shift toward more conspiracy theory reactionary geared programming in the wake of #MeToo has something to do with with his sexual assault and rape allegations that recently came out - these were from incidents that occurred between 2006 and 2013. Now it looks like he’s attempting to get out of it by accusing the mainstream media of attempting to silence him - a tactic not too unlike Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, and other right wingers with sexual assault and other criminal allegations against them.

I'm sorry for the UK once again exporting our trash to the rest of the world.

I've never liked him, he always spoke about women in a derogatory way, his entire comedy shtick was "I'm a sexual deviant!" and he wasn't funny (Imo). He thought he was Gods gift to women and nobody could reject him. Completely obnoxious person when he speaks, he simply throws out a dozen long and complicated words, stringing them together, regardless of whether he even uses them in the right way or not to say a lot without saying much at all and his fans think he is a genius. He isn't, he is just good at making people think he is.

And yeah, he did used to be anti-establishment left wing but then took a sudden turn to anti-establishment hard right and started banging on all of a sudden about global conspiracies, everyone lying to us, antivax bullshit, ETC. Now it does make you question whether it was a pre-planned grift because he knew the allegations would come out eventually. Disgusting he has thousands of fans rushing to his defence so his grift seems to have worked somewhat and amongst those rushing to his defence are gems like Elon Musk, Ian Miles Cheong and Andrew Taint.

I didn't watch the documentary but I read some snippets from it and the long article from The Times. It was disgusting from the small parts that I read and Channel 4 seems to have the receipts. Now more women have came forward (today) and the police are starting their inquiries. The 'funniest' thing about people claiming it's a left wing plot from the establishment is that it was a joint investigation by Channel 4 and The Times, The Times who are owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Even DailyHeil is trying to spin it now. Ignoring that the dude is a right winger now and has been for years, as is his fanbase.

The dude is a piece of shit.

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