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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What do you think Switch 2 launch games will be?

Switch 2 is likely coming in 2024. What do you think the major launch games will be? Not necessarily on launch day but in the launch period. Switch had BotW and then MK8D the next month.

I think MK9 is the most obvious. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 3D Mario during the launch window either. All the other major franchises seem to have had games release too recently or will be releasing later on Switch to be able to be launch period games for the next-gen.

I guess if we don't end up getting certain games on Switch (DK, Star Fox, Kid Icarus??, FZero...yes i know but a boy can dream) any of those could be launch period titles.

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Generally agree with you: MK9 and 3D Mario. Probably only one of them at launch though and then the other within the first 6-9 months or so. Probably also a Mario sports title in that timeframe unless Camelot is working on something else (... Golden Sun please?).

I guess they would also want some non-Mario games early on, but hard to predict what that could be. A 2D Zelda could be great and I doubt they've given up on those entirely so should happen sooner or later.

Edit: A Metroid Prime 4 cross-gen release is possible as well.

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Some random party game next to whatever big IP release they'll have ready. Hopefully better than 1 2 Switch.

If the successor releases in 2024, then I can see MK9 release as a launch title. It’s a multiplayer juggernaut that continues to drive the Switch concept as a reason to have joy cons for immediate access for local multiplayer and NSO for online multiplayer.

Since a new mainline Zelda game is out of the cards in 2024, then it’s possible that we’ll see the next 3D Mario game, whether it be a sequel to Odyssey or a whole different title altogether. Though I wonder if they’ll stick with a similar strategy with the OG Switch? Big title at launch and a big title near the holidays? Because I’m not sure if a 3D Mario and a new Mario Kart together at a launch is necessarily good for the console.

I could also see some old franchises have a AA game alongside either of the two at launch.

My other question would be what third party titles could join the launch lineup? If the successor is as powerful as rumored/leaked, would it be possible to use a big third party title to reinforce the idea that this is a more powerful Switch? Let’s say, FFVII Remake (and maybe Rebirth?), Resident Evil 2, 3, or 4 remakes (non-cloud editions), Street Fighter VI, or even Elden Ring? Or maybe at I too ambitious? I’m not sure if western third party devs will consider what to launch the successor with. Not sure if EA will care enough nor Activision/Blizzard (which may or may not be part of Microsoft by the time the successor launches) nor Ubisoft.

mk9 and metroid prime 4 at launch, early 2025 sounds reasonable to me.

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I could see Metroid Prime 4 also be a launch title for the successor in 2024 if we don’t hear much of it this year. But again, I’m wondering if it’ll be more of a launch window title or a launch day title?

I hope to be wrong, but I think Prime 4 is vaporware.

I'm going with MK9 at launch with Odyssey 2 within 3 months after launch.

Chrkeller said:

I hope to be wrong, but I think Prime 4 is vaporware.


Kakadu18 said:
Chrkeller said:

I hope to be wrong, but I think Prime 4 is vaporware.


Announced years ago and there hasn't been anything shown.  The development timeline worries me.  Something doesn't seem right.  Again, I hope to be very wrong.  

Mario Kart 9 (either cross-gen or exclusive)
Casual IP following in the footsteps of Wii Sports, Nintendo Land, 1-2-Switch
3D Mario
Donkey Kong
Smash will come out quicker on Switch 2 than it did on Switch, but not launch window.

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