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If the successor releases in 2024, then I can see MK9 release as a launch title. It’s a multiplayer juggernaut that continues to drive the Switch concept as a reason to have joy cons for immediate access for local multiplayer and NSO for online multiplayer.

Since a new mainline Zelda game is out of the cards in 2024, then it’s possible that we’ll see the next 3D Mario game, whether it be a sequel to Odyssey or a whole different title altogether. Though I wonder if they’ll stick with a similar strategy with the OG Switch? Big title at launch and a big title near the holidays? Because I’m not sure if a 3D Mario and a new Mario Kart together at a launch is necessarily good for the console.

I could also see some old franchises have a AA game alongside either of the two at launch.

My other question would be what third party titles could join the launch lineup? If the successor is as powerful as rumored/leaked, would it be possible to use a big third party title to reinforce the idea that this is a more powerful Switch? Let’s say, FFVII Remake (and maybe Rebirth?), Resident Evil 2, 3, or 4 remakes (non-cloud editions), Street Fighter VI, or even Elden Ring? Or maybe at I too ambitious? I’m not sure if western third party devs will consider what to launch the successor with. Not sure if EA will care enough nor Activision/Blizzard (which may or may not be part of Microsoft by the time the successor launches) nor Ubisoft.