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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What type of Call Of Duty games do you think we'll see on Switch? (Or Successor)


What type of Call of Duty games will be on Switch?(Or Successor)

Same Current Gen Ports PS/Xbox are getting 17 68.00%
Older gen Ports/Remasters from Xbox 360/PS3 2 8.00%
COD Mobile Port(s) 1 4.00%
Cloud Versions Of COD 1 4.00%
Other(Comment) 4 16.00%

By the time this thing goes through and they start working on games for Nintendo's system it won't make sense to work on a Switch game as Switch 2 will be coming out probably mid-to-late 2024. First CoD on Nintendo will hit in 2024 or 2025.

Possible in 2024 they just do a port of an old CoD just to put something out quickly. But after that it should be the new games, no reason for it not to be. Switch 2 obviously won't be as powerful as current gen consoles, but it should be about as powerful as X1/PS4. Considering Microsoft would be making these to run on Xbox Series S they should run on Switch 2 with just a bit of adjustment work. Drop a few graphical details and drop resolution (then bring it back up some on the cheap with DLSS) and Switch 2 should be able to handle it fine.

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First Black Ops

It'll probably get the same treatment as previous Nintendo systems that got CoD; not the latest, old ports, poor online multiplayer experience compared to PS/Xbox.

They will do ports alla Wii. That being, making custom versions of every CoD for the Switch.

Loneken said:
Pemalite said:

I would like to see enhanced ports of the 7th gen titles, some of them were absolute bangers.


Some Modern warfare trilogy or black ops compilations with improvements will be great.


Have the M<odern Warefare trilogy on a single cart, Black Ops trilogy on another cart etc' etc'.

It would be an enhancement of older games, rather than downgrading/cutting back until they can make it fit on Switch, so the results should end up being superior.

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It's probably going to get the cloud version of the next gen cod.

It will get scaled-down ports of current COD games, and it will probably get a port of the MW2 Campaign/

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Maybe Nintendo will shock us (they've done it before) and release their next console to be as powerful as whatever Sony and Microsoft are selling at the time.

V-r0cK said:

It'll probably get the same treatment as previous Nintendo systems that got CoD; not the latest, old ports

COD3, World at War, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops II, and Ghosts all came out on Wii/Wii U alongside the PS/Xbox versions.

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The whole "lets make a custom version of game only for one system!" thing doesn't happen much at all any more.

That was possible during the Wii era because SD game development was cheap and even HD development was cheaper then. Also it was necessary because the Wii used the dated GameCube chipset (essentially) which was not like the PS3 or 360 chips at all, Switch Next-Gen using a probable Nvidia chip is a different ball game. Nvidia GPUs are made to run any modern game so the tech can scale wildly up and down. 

Switch successor should be somewhere in between a PS4 and PS5 in horsepower, the same way the current Switch is somewhere in between a PS3 and PS4.

If the DLSS works really well on the Switch Next-Gen, then I'd like to see something like 360p upscaled to 720p for portable play, and then 720p native to 1440p or 4K even for docked mode.

You can see on some DLSS tests, a game like CONTROL running at an actual render resolution of only 360p (lower than GameCube games ... shit this is even lower native res than some N64 games that run at 640x480 lol) but it looks like a 1080p image, I mean something like this would look 100% great on a smaller 7-8 inch portable screen.

I mean to be completely frank, that would be perfectly playable even on a large screen 50 inch TV or something too. I mean right now many people play Switch games on their TV at lower than 1080p resolution, this actually would look like a higher resolution than that thanks to DLSS. 

They wouldn't make a custom version in today's day and age I don't think. What they would do is take the base game and reduced effects down the bare minimum and optimize custom for the Switch Next-Gen chip, that would be a lot easier than making a custom version from scratch and then use DLSS to render at a very low native res (like 360p to 720p undocked and even maybe a super low 540p to 1440p docked). 

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