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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What type of Call Of Duty games do you think we'll see on Switch? (Or Successor)


What type of Call of Duty games will be on Switch?(Or Successor)

Same Current Gen Ports PS/Xbox are getting 17 68.00%
Older gen Ports/Remasters from Xbox 360/PS3 2 8.00%
COD Mobile Port(s) 1 4.00%
Cloud Versions Of COD 1 4.00%
Other(Comment) 4 16.00%

With a bit of luck, the Switch version will be a single release that lasts the entire gen, instead of a yearly release that forces you to upgrade every year. That, and it will use motion controls to aim.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Same gamess at lower settings. Just Like you can play on PC with different GPUs but need to adjust settings down on lower specs cards. 

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I bet switch and switch 2 will get continuous support on cod along the uocoming years.
Switch will get cloud based version of modern cod.
Switch sucessor will get same CoD games that will be on Xbox.
With performance on par with series S(when docked & DLSS on)