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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Thoughts on the Game Awards 2022?


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I didn't see a thread for this so here is one. For me it was nice and one of the better ones that have happened, maybe even the best since 2017. That kid at the end was the funniest part since the Oscars speech for sure.

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Sony had a very strong night. Xbox disappointing. Liked Diablo IV, Final Fantasy XVI, Death Stranding 2, and the new game by Kojima. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

I enjoyed it. Some awkward moments, but overall a fun show.

It was decent. Better than recent years imo. Still got issues with it tho. I hate the way that they continue to breeze over so many awards, barely acknowledging them at all. And it's not just small categories that they do this with either. I also think they could stand to cut back on the advertising, and give some more time to the orchestra instead. And fucking hell...stop bringing in so many presenters that don't know or care about video games. It's so awkward.

the flute guy who played like 3-4 different instruments was the highlight for me. Every time they cut back to him, he was in the zone with a different piece. The Bill Clinton kid was funny too.

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It was a great night for sony, namco bandai, santa monica and myazaki.
Annoucements didnt leak, death stranding 2 and new fps from ken levigne look good,new expansions from cyberpunk and horizon , ff 16 trailer look great.
And it provided new memes with the bill clinton kid and phill spencer " i had the worst day of my life" face when geoff call his name and the crash maskot showed up xD


It was okay. I tend to find the Game Awards overly long and boring generally. Also way too focused on ads which cause them to rush through award announcements. This show had some neat announcements however, so I can't say it was terrible but I feel like it still needs to be a bit shorter in the future.

Pretty much a shit show as always. Glad Bayo 3 walked away with an award. Xenoblade 3 was robbed of the best music and RPG but it's been a TGA tradition for 7 years running. Potentially excited for ACVI as long as it's not Souls. I don't care if next year they are handing out Blowjobs from Alison Brie and a Dreamcast 2 to everyone watching. I'm done watching. I only did this year for a Steam deck. I'd never buy one but if a free one happened would have been neat.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Albeit there was some awkwardness but it was nowhere near the level we normally see. It was surprisingly a solid show

Mmmm ... I didn't even cared to watch it personally because the time/energy spent to watch something genuinely bad that most will only go through to only see a couple of cool video games announcements isn't worth it much.

And it seems I was right. Though the video game premieres sound to 've been better this year.

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