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Forums - Sony Discussion - God of War Ragnarok reviews in!


Are you getting GoW Ragnarok?

Yes, was always going to. 46 68.66%
Yes, now that I see the reviews are so good. 0 0%
Yes, but I’ll wait for a price drop. 10 14.93%
Yes, I’m buying a PS5 for this game. 0 0%
No 11 16.42%

Phenomenal score again. 94 after 111 reviews as of right now on Metacritic. This is the same score as GoW 2018. I’d say this is much more impressive for GoWR, since GoW 2018 got major points for being a complete re-imagining of the series.

Other than Elden Ring, I believe this is the best-reviewed game since Red Dead Redemption 2? Correct me if I’m wrong  



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Sony Santa Monica may not release many games, but when they do, it's industry shattering!

Huge congrats!!

Sony just keeps releasing great stuff this gen.
It has to be the best first years for a ps console ever.


ClassicGamingWizzz said:

Sony just keeps releasing great stuff this gen.
It has to be the best first years for a ps console ever.

I agree. They’ve destroyed the ps4’s first two years. So many great games. Returnal is one of my favorite games in the past 5 years and my favorite ps5 game so far (until GoWR, I’m sure). 

This was never in doubt.

I against preordering anything but this game and when ever zelde is available for preorder are gona be the exceptions

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Insane score. Cant wait!

SMS delivers once again!

No surprise here. SSM is top tier Studio and GoW a top tier IP, +90 Meta is more than likely.

Lovely, and with 111 reviews out there it'll be hard even for the inevitable troll reviews to move the dial much. (You know, the publications that have some weird thing for giving all or most of sony's first party games 4-6/10 while innocently giving all Xbox/Nintendo first party games 9s and 10s. like Stevior.)

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Runa216 said:

Lovely, and with 111 reviews


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