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Forums - Sony Discussion - God of War Ragnarok reviews in!


Are you getting GoW Ragnarok?

Yes, was always going to. 46 68.66%
Yes, now that I see the reviews are so good. 0 0%
Yes, but I’ll wait for a price drop. 10 14.93%
Yes, I’m buying a PS5 for this game. 0 0%
No 11 16.42%
Machiavellian said:
DonFerrari said:

Perhaps you could try regular mobs on balanced and increase difficult with bosses or on the extra bosses =p it is possible to get combos on the bosses if you have good reaction.

I know that the arrows helped me a lot because I was playing most encounters throwing axe =P

The mastering I got most of them while normal gameplay and trying stuff out, but when I was close to end to improve my damage for the trials and challenges I gone to that arena and done the other mastering.

You can definitely get combos on bosses no matter how hard, as long as you know their stun window and what stuns them.  You cannot trade with bosses as they will nuke your health so I only use my special abilities when I get a stun or shield parry.  All bosses have that stun gauge at the bottom of their health bar which I am constantly looking at for when I can unload all my abilities using all my weapons without them jumping away or trading blows with me.  

I usually only play the harder difficulty when I max out a character in New Game plus when I can use all my abilities, armor etc.

Yeah, the moves you use a lot you will quickly master.  Other moves you will just not remember which is what usually happen with me until I get a chance to just spam them in the training and see how best to use it.  Mostly I am looking to see how effective the move is based on different enemy types.

on gmwgow the stun bar on bosses only remove a health bar, at least the strong bosses never get properly stunned =[

Yep the moves I use little likely wouldn't even matter mastering there (and likely if I was fast on deciding them I would have an easier time doing it)

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Late to the party, given I only hit 5 hours this weekend. But GotY for me. Followed by triangle and sparks of hope. Superb game. Everything I wanted in the 2018 sequel.


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For me, the best game in the last months. But epic Final Fantasy 16 is coming for PlayStation 5!! This summer =)
And maybe Spider-Man 2 in winter?!

They really need to get rid of that tired level design. While it works when you're doing the main story exploring and trying to get 100% the game is hell. Traversal, and fast traveling is so annoying and the freaking compass is useless