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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Console Would You Like to See Added to NSO Subscription Next?


Which console should they add next?

Gamecube 20 42.55%
Gameboy/Gameboy Color 10 21.28%
Gameboy Advance 8 17.02%
Turbo Grafx-16 1 2.13%
Dreamcast 7 14.89%
Wii 1 2.13%
Other 0 0%

Really tough call between Gamecube and GBA.  But I'll have to go with GBA since with the exception of Melee the games I'd love to have in HD on the Switch would most likely not make the jump.  Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike would most likely never come over, nor would most of the third party games I'd be interested in, and when it comes to games like Metroid Prime I'd rather stick to the Wii versions with the better controls or wait for the HD remake/remaster than go back to the Gamecube version.  So GBA it is since the games I'd rather see are more likely to be included.

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The entire Game Boy family, please.

GameCube is ok I guess... But most of its games already have remasters that look/play way better than the original games. What Nintendo should do is bring those to the Switch (Metroid Prime Trilogy, WW and TP HD, etc.)

I don't care. As long as I can't just buy individual games, I will just play old stuff on the Steam Deck. Bite me, Nintendo!

Seriously, they could just offer their subscription stuff alongside the option to buy retro games. Wouldn't hurt anybody.

Sorry for the small rant. But exactly this is one of the top reasons why I barely use my Switch anymore. Which is a shame, because it's a great little console. =P

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Dreamcast is great, but there’s a GameBoy shaped hole in the lineup that needs to be plugged first. I’d say they should wrap things up first before moving one to newer things.

That said, I don’t do subscription services so it doesn’t matter what they do either way for me.

Gamecube is my favorite of these systems, but two of my Gamecube favorites are getting retail versions anyway (Tales of Symphonia and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.), and Resident Evil 4, FF Crystal Chronicles, and Mario Sunshine are already on it. I'd rather have retail versions of games like TP, WW, Metroid, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, SoulCalibur 2, and Star Fox Assault than have them tied to a sub.

GBA would be cool, too, but the one GBA game I really want, Mother 3, isn't likely to come to Switch.

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Until the let me buy the games I want individually instead of forcing a subscription I don't really care what they add next.

Dreamcast or Saturn would be neat because then you could get a DC or Saturn controller.

GameCube is inevitable I would think.

Voted GBA, though at this point I also expect GB/GBC to be included if GBA gets added next year. I feel like GB/GBC/GBA would be the last major additions to NSO until the next system.

All of the ones they had on Wii’s virtual console plus every Nintendo console to date. That’s what I want to see.

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