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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games that you think are no longer awesome

Shenmue I and II

While they were technological marvels at the time that created immersive and lifelike worlds unlike anything seen before in gaming, they are incredibly user-unfriendly and I honestly don't think I could ever go them now, the gameplay is so obtuse and clunky by today's standards.


The art style is gorgeous and I loved it back in the day, but nowadays there are a mountain of annoyances from the fiddly implementation of the paintbrush to the slow dialogue that add up to make it more frustrating than fun.

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Ocarina of Time, no doubt. I can’t replay this game ever again. It’s such a damn shame because I love the lore and atmosphere so much. It’s such a beautifully crafted world.

The game is too damn easy and the dumb dungeon design that revolves around solving stupid “one solution puzzles” just bores me out of my mind.

Funny, because… despite me being an older gamer OoT was my first Zelda game and the the one game that turned me into a fan of the franchise, but once I tried the classic pre N64 Zelda games I could not go back to the post OoT formula.

IcaroRibeiro said:

5th console generation: A thread :p 

Pretty much. Most PS1/N64 and even Xbox games I loved back in the day haven't aged that well imo.

For me, the big ones are..

Goldeneye - Groundbreaking game on release, with 4-player split screen FPS fun. Sadly, the game hasn't aged well.. with fairly simplistic gameplay, clunky and rather archaic controls with a single stick movement and D-direction controls.

Halo CE - Loved it back in the day, with excellent physics and Ai at the time. And splitscreen MP. These days, its fairly slow movements and long TTK (in SP and MP) just isn't my idea of fun anymore. The whole space marine melodrama thing (which was interesting at the time) is a bit silly nowadays and fairly 00's lol.

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There are two I can think of:

Fallout 3: It was one of my first PS3 games specifically because I'm a huge fan of the original Fallout (and Fallout 2 is alright I guess). I enjoyed it quite a bit back in the day though it never came close to the original's greatness. Nowadays I can't really play it and have as much fun as I did before. The story is very poorly written, the ending is a mess and the gameplay feels very dry when compared to the much superior New Vegas. Every time I think of playing F3 again, I remember I have New Vegas and play that instead.

GTA San Andreas: As with most teens who grew up playing this game, it used to be my drug. I must have beat it at least 3 times back in the day. Replaying the GTA series in recent years, It's simply not as fun. While the open world and the amount of stuff you can do is nice, the story and characters are pretty bad. Granted, GTA has never been a series known for its stellar writing but I was much more engaged with GTA IV's story since it had believable characters. Going back to SA and its poorly written unlikable characters kinda sucks. Some of the missions are really annoying like the one where you have to pass all the tests in the airfield, the controls for the planes just suck too.

It's not a bad game but I can't go back to it with the same enthusiasm I had before. I beat GTA 3, VC and SA a year ago and I ended up liking VC much more than I did as a kid. The story isn't great either but the characters are much more fun and it has less annoying missions. Not to mention the awesome soundtrack!

Fallout 4

Was such a huge step down from New Vegas in terms of story and play mechanics, and not much of an improvement over 3. Part of this was its downplaying of the RPG elements of the previous games.  The settlements were kind of fun. I guess Fallout 3 to a lesser degree, but they did a great job with atmosphere on that one. A whole lot of WTF moments. So I'm still good with it overall, but NV did everything a lot better. 

Bioshock: Infinite

It was kind of fun when I was playing it, until I realized how stripped-down it was from what Levine had promised throughout its development. I played through it once and never picked it up again. Nor did I have any burning desire for further entries in the series.

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It looked cool enough at a time when CD-ROM was still new. I mostly watched my folks play it as I was busy playing FFVI and A Link to the Past. When I tried playing the GOG version of it, it just seemed like a shallow experience with some incredibly hammy acting. I'm not necessarily opposed to hammy acting, but this game was kind of cringe at times.

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For a very recent pick.

Diablo immortal

I'm one of the few who enjoyed this game from the start. Played it about two hours a day when it first released, to work and from work. Was great finally having a decent dungeon crawler action rpg on my phone. Feeling very powerful using all my skills, killing off hordes of monsters in the search for loot, powering up my character for the PvP battles. 

But after around a month I put it down. Picked it back up again a few days ago, and oh boy is the game flawed. Many reviews pointed out the pay to win aspect of the game but that never bothered me, what does bother my however is that there is no way to grind for the things you need, paying extra for battle pass and the like does not matter. Every darn thing in the game has a daily or weekly limit. Looking for crests? Sorry already bought all for today. Looking for gems? They drop in hidden dungeons. Nice so I can just go look for them? ... no. Only drop in the first hidden dungeon of the day. ect ect for basically all items in the game. I want to play it, I still like it, but there is 0 reason for me to after around 15 minutes of play. And that is why I no longer like it.

Zkuq said:

So more 'games that you no longer think are awesome' than 'games that you think are no longer awesome', eh?

A subtle difference.

Think I edited the topic title a few times. Removing typos and trying to pin point the thing I was interested in.

Entire RE series on the ps1... no idea how I dealt with thr tank controls. God bless the remakes.

GoldenEye/Perfect Dark at the top of the list definitely, and most early 3D platformers not too far behind.






Sonic the Hedgehog, I can think of no better example.

I was head over heels in love with the game as a kid. But now? I've come to realize the only good level is the first one. The rest of the game is slow platforming (ironic, since this is supposed to be a game about speed).