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For a very recent pick.

Diablo immortal

I'm one of the few who enjoyed this game from the start. Played it about two hours a day when it first released, to work and from work. Was great finally having a decent dungeon crawler action rpg on my phone. Feeling very powerful using all my skills, killing off hordes of monsters in the search for loot, powering up my character for the PvP battles. 

But after around a month I put it down. Picked it back up again a few days ago, and oh boy is the game flawed. Many reviews pointed out the pay to win aspect of the game but that never bothered me, what does bother my however is that there is no way to grind for the things you need, paying extra for battle pass and the like does not matter. Every darn thing in the game has a daily or weekly limit. Looking for crests? Sorry already bought all for today. Looking for gems? They drop in hidden dungeons. Nice so I can just go look for them? ... no. Only drop in the first hidden dungeon of the day. ect ect for basically all items in the game. I want to play it, I still like it, but there is 0 reason for me to after around 15 minutes of play. And that is why I no longer like it.