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Fallout 4

Was such a huge step down from New Vegas in terms of story and play mechanics, and not much of an improvement over 3. Part of this was its downplaying of the RPG elements of the previous games.  The settlements were kind of fun. I guess Fallout 3 to a lesser degree, but they did a great job with atmosphere on that one. A whole lot of WTF moments. So I'm still good with it overall, but NV did everything a lot better. 

Bioshock: Infinite

It was kind of fun when I was playing it, until I realized how stripped-down it was from what Levine had promised throughout its development. I played through it once and never picked it up again. Nor did I have any burning desire for further entries in the series.

The 7th Guest

It looked cool enough at a time when CD-ROM was still new. I mostly watched my folks play it as I was busy playing FFVI and A Link to the Past. When I tried playing the GOG version of it, it just seemed like a shallow experience with some incredibly hammy acting. I'm not necessarily opposed to hammy acting, but this game was kind of cringe at times.