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IcaroRibeiro said:

5th console generation: A thread :p 

Pretty much. Most PS1/N64 and even Xbox games I loved back in the day haven't aged that well imo.

For me, the big ones are..

Goldeneye - Groundbreaking game on release, with 4-player split screen FPS fun. Sadly, the game hasn't aged well.. with fairly simplistic gameplay, clunky and rather archaic controls with a single stick movement and D-direction controls.

Halo CE - Loved it back in the day, with excellent physics and Ai at the time. And splitscreen MP. These days, its fairly slow movements and long TTK (in SP and MP) just isn't my idea of fun anymore. The whole space marine melodrama thing (which was interesting at the time) is a bit silly nowadays and fairly 00's lol.

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