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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 37, 2022 (Sep 05 - Sep 11)

Funny arguing DQ for nsw. Why people believe XII might skip nsw is beyond me

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Kyuu said:

So super late ports/remasters and a low budget remake that all sold poorly everywhere and missing some digital data if I'm not mistaken. No matter, Switch probably has a selling advantage on lower tier games across the board (it's not limited to JRPGs), I'm pretty sure it already has a bigger library than PS4 even though it launched much later, because a larger part of its library is small games whose publishers/developers didn't see much value in putting them on PS4 and Xbox. In most cases, exclusives/platform-skips aren't moneyhatted.

SE doesn't develop DQ but they co-own, publish, and fund it. And all parties involved as opposed to SE alone can get ambitious if they want to.

Sounds like we agree that a true PS5 exclusivity is off the table anyways, and I think Curl agrees too. The moneyhatting he was referring to is probably "exclusively NOT on the Switch" seeing as how Sony doesn't view Xbox and PC as relevant in Japan.

Bold: Excuse me but Trials of Mana sold over 1mil WW and SMT3HD sold over 600k, which puts it on par with SMTIV as the second best selling SMT game. Those are by all means good results.

And yes the Switch has a bigger library with 8645 games on the German eshop right now and 5645 PS4 games on the Playstation Store.

Unless DQXII releases in 2026 or 2027 I think it's unlikely they'll skip the current Switch.

Kyuu said:
Kakadu18 said:


tbone51 said:

Funny arguing DQ for nsw. Why people believe XII might skip nsw is beyond me

I'm sure you also found the idea of the next Monster Hunter skipping Nintendo to be funny before World, and you didn't entertain the thought of it selling 6-10 million, let alone 22+ million. People thought it wouldn't even outsell Generations Ultimate on Switch.

We gave valid reasons as to why it could skip the first Switch. It doesn't mean it will mind you but I don't get what's funny about it. You never thought MHW would have skipped Nintendo platforms either. When are you expecting Switch 2 and DQXII to launch?

Fair enough regarding mhw. Before reveal it didn't make much sense but one major difference between the two franchise is one had major appeal potential outside of Japan while the other one seems like itll forever have majority of its numbers from its domestic market.

If you watch its release pattern in the last few years, it really does seem like a lock for Nintendo console. I should be more specific, skipping nsw (not being exclusive, just actually skipping nsw or its successor) would be one of the most baffling decisions in recent times (at least in japan) and even if a money hat deal was In place, would be a major blow to the franchise (as I don't see the west selling like 3mil+ copies, giving DQXI and DQXIS sales)

square-enix is putting tons of dragon quest games on switch even have an exclusive switch dragon quest game coming soon. Yet people think the next dq game will skip switch or be a late game on its successor. guys are hilarious