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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Xenoblade Chronicles game?


What's your favorite Xenoblade Chronicles game?

Xenoblade Chronicles (Definitive Edition) 120 26.61%
Xenoblade Chronicles X 90 19.96%
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 77 17.07%
Torna ~ The Golden Country 17 3.77%
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 147 32.59%

I played the original on the Wii a number of years ago and I'm finally about to finish X (currently on the final boss). I can say with full confidence that the original is the superior game. Not a huge fan of how X likes to gate your progress and force you to complete side quests or grind. Not to mention the music is pretty insufferable.

Looking forward to playing 2 and 3 soon.

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Yeah, the regions music (Sylvalum specifically) is so good that it's just jarring to have to endure the same couple rap tunes for battles over and over again. Even if you like rap (I don't) and this rap specifically (I don't), how long do most battles last? 45 seconds? A minute? This means you're listening to the same repetitive vocal lines non stop. It's was such a strange decision.

I know it's not a popular choice but I still like Xenoblade 2/ (I'mma slip Torna in here too) the most. 3 was good but I just didn't connect with the world and towns/colonies as much as I did the Titans and Settlements of XC2. And aside from a few songs in 3, I don't think the OST is as impressive as 1 or 2's. Really liked the character dynamics of 2 as well. XC1 is a close second and 3 is third for me. The best thing about 3 imo is the combat and the story is strong. Definitely cried a couple times not gonna lie.

And although I'm not a huge fan of X, I can easily say it has the most diverse world and best graphics in the series. 

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I think story wise, the 1st was the best.
Character wise, the 3rd was the best.
World wise, I think X was the best
And I’d say 2’s world comes in just right behind X.

Overall I’d say the 1st is my favorite because I prioritize story, and the characters are well acted. 3 though, was definitely one hell of a atmosphere to be immersed in.

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I gotta go with the original (non-definitive, because I haven't played that version). Solid JRPG with an excellent story, even if the gameplay was a bit rough around the edges.

Never got very far in X and was quite disappointed with 2. As a result I haven't really felt like picking up 3. Still might at some point but currently there are a lot of other games I'm more interested in playing.

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Im yet to play XC3.
I liked XC1 and so far is my favorite in the franchise, Liked the setting and story, but really hated the characters and specially the childish dialogue, so all in all, despite me liking the game as a whole, cant help to feel its overrated.
I absolutely hated XC2, which is why im keeping from XC3 for the time being.
I liked XCX but boy is that a very divise game for me, I liked the setting, I loved the skells, but characters and story are very bad. Very quickly you stop caring about them.


Still too early to tell on 3. Probably will fall somewhere around X. I really didn't like 2 very much. It's kind of like a good 20 hour game that was stretched into 50 hours. And the gatcha mechanics really didn't work for me.

X, peak soundtrack, peak world (both in its design and art direction), with a pretty diverse and thoroughly entertaining set of side stories with an emotional range of dem feels to pizza. Also the better and most competent gameplay/combat of the series, still flawed tho.

I like the first Xenoblade, is a pretty good game with a really great scope.

2 ranges from utterly obnoxious, bad and baffling at its worst, and a decent time at its best, a roller coaster without much highs but a lot of lows.

Have no interest in playing 3.

Bonus: Definitely an X2, but I don't think that will happen again, there has been a clear shift in priorities and design with the latest games, even compared to the first game. At least want them to change the artist for the next one, idk why they finally decided to stick with one for more than one game and is the worst of the bunch.

I'm still playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and I love it... But I actually prefer the Xenoblade Chronicles 1... That history, Characters, Villains, Music and World maps... Bufffff amazing.

My list would be like this

1- Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive edition
2- Xenoblade Chronicles 3
3- Xenoblade Chronicles 2
4- Xenoblade 2: Torna
5- Xenoblade Chronicles X

XC1 still holds a special place in my heart. It was my 2012 GOTY.

2 starts off a bit meandering, but quickly hits its stride.

3 may well be the best yet in the series. I have all three, but am finishing a play through of 2. 3 is likely to be my 2022 GOTY.

Bonus question: Yes, I would like to see a Xenoblade Chronicles X2. Maybe that could be the series' next project with the original trilogy concluded.