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X, peak soundtrack, peak world (both in its design and art direction), with a pretty diverse and thoroughly entertaining set of side stories with an emotional range of dem feels to pizza. Also the better and most competent gameplay/combat of the series, still flawed tho.

I like the first Xenoblade, is a pretty good game with a really great scope.

2 ranges from utterly obnoxious, bad and baffling at its worst, and a decent time at its best, a roller coaster without much highs but a lot of lows.

Have no interest in playing 3.

Bonus: Definitely an X2, but I don't think that will happen again, there has been a clear shift in priorities and design with the latest games, even compared to the first game. At least want them to change the artist for the next one, idk why they finally decided to stick with one for more than one game and is the worst of the bunch.