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I know it's not a popular choice but I still like Xenoblade 2/ (I'mma slip Torna in here too) the most. 3 was good but I just didn't connect with the world and towns/colonies as much as I did the Titans and Settlements of XC2. And aside from a few songs in 3, I don't think the OST is as impressive as 1 or 2's. Really liked the character dynamics of 2 as well. XC1 is a close second and 3 is third for me. The best thing about 3 imo is the combat and the story is strong. Definitely cried a couple times not gonna lie.

And although I'm not a huge fan of X, I can easily say it has the most diverse world and best graphics in the series. 

Last edited by Ljink96 - on 05 September 2022