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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo's Success Is Your Greatest Enemy!

You think they care about you? You think your name shows up when they sit down and do their jobs? No, no it does not. The bigger and more successful a company gets, the more they are your enemy!

No written version, it's a discussion video! And though it may fall on some deaf ears, here's hoping at least one person decides it's not worth simping for a big company... ever.

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I would have to respectfully disagree; the more successful the Switch becomes, the more games it gets, which benefits me as a player.

My favourite Nintendo consoles were all successful ones; SNES, Wii, Switch.

That said, I wouldn't say I "simp" for them, more that I am currently a satisfied customer.

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My enemy? The fuck are they going to do to me? Is Furukawa going to come to my house and bitch slap me? If they make stuff I like, I'll continue to buy it. If they don't I'll stop.

JWeinCom said:

My enemy? The fuck are they going to do to me? Is Furukawa going to come to my house and bitch slap me?

No, he's just gonna make more stupid decisions like giving the Switch's successor another shitty barely updated subscription service that's even more overpriced.

Technically, as long as their primary function of supplying good games is accomplished, I wouldn't consider them my enemy in the slightest .... and would you look at that, July is bursting with titles for the Switch !

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They are if they don't give me a Bayonetta 3 release date soon.

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This video sucked ass. It made three major points to show that success makes companies worse.

Legal rights - Remember the Wii U days when Nintendo didn't make copyright claims on Youtube? No? Well, yeah, that's because Nintendo protects their IPs regardless of how well their console business is doing. Therefore anything concerning legal rights is not caused by Nintendo's success.

Greed - The example cited here is Mario Strikers: Battle League Football which released light on content, but all we are seeing here is the latest incarnation of Nintendo employing the Splatoon model of unlocking already finished content to the players with regular updates. Splatoon was a Wii U game, so the second point does not support the assertion that Nintendo's success makes things worse for their consumers either.

Nickel and diming - This is about a paid online service, but the decision that Switch will have online multiplayer behind a paywall was already made before Switch launched, so once again, it's not a consequence of success. The comparison with other services is pretty bad too, because somehow Nintendo is the only console manufacturer which offers a family plan with so much leeway that people from different countries can pool their money together and can get a year of NSO for under $/€10 without any discount. When you hear nickel and diming, you'd first think of overpriced DLCs and games infected with microtransactions, but Nintendo games usually stay clear of this. It's actually the case that Nintendo's success has made them stick first and foremost with expansion passes as DLC, so there's less overpriced DLC now then there was back then on the 3DS and Wii U.

That's why this video sucks so hard, because it fails to make any correct point. I was actually expecting something sensible, such as "the greater Nintendo's success is, the higher the likelihood that they'll start to make games that you don't want." Which is still just a hypothetical, but at least it's reasonable.

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The same goes for all consoles and gaming companies these days.
The days where success only leads to good things like with the NES, MegaDrive, SNES and PS1 are gone. Today the trade-off is that success leads to more games but also more risk for anti-customer practices.
There isn't much to do about it because it's a symptom of the fact that the gaming industry just sucks these days. And that is a symptom of the even larger problem that all industries just suck these days, because big countries let their corporations run amok.

But since success also increases the probability of Nintendo surviving as a console maker, until possibly better times. The only thing I'll do is shrug.


I thought about being upset, but then I remembered that these are videogames, none of this is life or death, and there is way more messed up stuff going on in the world than this. I couldn't care less if Nintendo "cares" about me or not. They make games. I buy their games because they are fun, not because they make the world a better place or something.

When Nintendo stops making fun games, I'll stop buying them, that's how this works.  And by fun I mean fun to ME, not you or anyone else.  People get way too emotionally attached in this hobby I swear...

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When Wii U was failing, and everyone was griping about the weak release schedule; I was enjoying the quality of game releases over the quantity. I bought more games for Wii U than any except the original Xbox (which was in the same situation). Those 1st party releases were like life and death to the publisher and so they were constantly trying for home runs. Good times for me.

The NES, SNES, and XBOX 360 are the the only successful consoles I’ve ever truly enjoyed