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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite console swan songs

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Both Final Fantasy 9 and Final Fantasy 12 were fantastic swan songs to the PS1 and PS2 respectively. It's hard to pick one over the other. I think FF9 is a slightly better game, but FF12 is also fantastic and it was the last of the great Final Fantasy games. FF used to be my favorite series, but that stopped after 12. So, I guess FF12 was both the swan song for the PS2, and the Final Fantasy series too.

Could not agree more with these. 9 was such a great game with a great graphical style which showed truely what the PS1 was capable of, after above FF7.

In the UK, 12 actually came out after the release of PS3 as well. This is back when the PS3 was very expensive at the time and came with backward compatibility. It was around a time when I had left home for the first time and all I had was a old original PS2 with a tiny portable monitor to play it on. It still looked fantastic.

Agreed on the latter as well, while I have played the newer ones, none of them seem to catch the same feel as SNES, PS1 and PS2 generation FF games.

Hmm, pie.

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I would say that the first Pokémon games for the original Game Boy was as good of a swan song that four shades of green system could ever hope for.
In Europe, Red, Blue and Yellow was the last three games released for the original Game Boy and Yellow was the last game released for it in North America.

The Yellow version with its Anime tie-in at the biggest media franchise cradle is my favorite swan song for a gaming system.

Mar1217 said:

Solatorobo is one of the most low-key swan songs of any system here I'd say. It released at the last active year of the DS.

The game really embodied what the strengths of the system was. It was an incredibly charming game with a complex world to dive in, yet with simple easy to pickup gameplay mechanics.

There's a good reason it won the last Nintendo Power GOTY award 👍

Underreated game.Thought I might be the only person who remembered it.   

Persona 4 for PS2.

Came out in 2008 while the PS3 came out in 2006 lol


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Super Mario RPG and Harvest Moon were strong finishers for the SNES.

Twilight Princess for GameCube

Persona 4 and Sakura Wars for PS2

Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Saturn

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Conina said:

God of War 2 for PS2... half a year after PS3 launch.

Came here to say this as well. Even God of War was pretty late. 

I’ll also say the original The Last of Us for PS3 as well

OG Xbox: Halo 2. This one might be a stretch because it came out almost exactly 1 year before the Xbox 360 but this represented the zenith of the original Xbox for me, and I still played this game long after the 360 came out

Xbox 360: Gears 3. This was the last 7th gen Xbox exclusive of any consequence that launched and it ended the original gears trilogy on a high note. Unfortunately, this next several years for XGS would be a dark age

Xbox One: Gears 5. This is the best gears of war game, and I’m sad it didn’t get more attention because it was attached to such a failure of a console.

PS2: MGS 3. This one was difficult because this gen ended on such a high note. But this might be a best metal gear game.

PS3: The objective answer would be the last of us, although I really do not like what direction Sony took their entire first party with the success of this title, which is middlebrow high budget cinematic “prestige” experiences with unremarkable/creatively safe gameplay.

PS4: Death Stranding. Completely and utterly unique game, and major respect to Kojima for taking this risk.

A standout example for me is the aptly titled The Last Story.

Releasing when the Wii was on its last legs, TLS combines an awesome action/RPG combat system with loveable characters, a varied and briskly paced adventure, and a sweeping Nubuo Uematsu soundtrack, coalescing to deliver a game one of the most accessible and entertaining games of its kind from that generation.

It's truly a shame that it largely flew under the radar; it's a wonderful game that sent the Wii off in style.

Breath of the Wild, Donkey Kong Country 3, Kirby's Dreamland 3, and Twilight Princess are up there for me as well.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

PS1: Final Fantasy IX. Nothing else comes even close, since it is in my opinion the best game of all time.
PS2: Persona 4. Released years after the next generation of consoles was already out, especially in Europe where it came out in 2009. FF XII would be the other option.
PS3: The Last of Us.
NES: Kirby's Adventure
SNES: Chrono Trigger

Some of mine have been mentioned already, so I'll go with Metroid Samus Returns for the 3DS. While it didn't sell great, it marked the start of what has become a renaissance for 3d Metroid after over a decade of nothing and reinvigorated the franchise which had been dormant for 7 years since Other M. It looks great in 3D and proved the 3DS wasn't dead yet even though the Switch had already launched.