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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Year and a half into the generation, which of the new consoles do you own?


Which of the new consoles do you own?

PS5 disc 10 16.67%
PS5 digital 2 3.33%
Xbox series x 7 11.67%
Xbox series s 1 1.67%
PS5 disc and digital 0 0%
Xbox series X and s. 1 1.67%
A PS5 (disc/digital) and an Xbox (X/S) 4 6.67%
None but plan on getting a PS5 12 20.00%
None but plan on getting a Xbox 4 6.67%
None and not interested in any at the moment 19 31.67%

None. I'll get a PS5 at one point when they are readily available or when a Pro model comes out.

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I want a PS5. Ain't been able to get one yet. The thing is never in stock

Nobody's perfect. I aint nobody!!!

Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st

I actually got a PlayStation 5 near launch. I just recently was able to get a second one for my son for his birthday, bc sharing with me wasn’t good enough for him.

I finally got my PS5 disc edition a month ago and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. I've gotten Platinum trophies on Spider-Man Remastered and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and now working on getting Platinum for Miles Morales. But, if the day comes where Sony dives head first into PC to the point of day and date first party releases on PS5 and PC, I'll sell my PS5 and be strictly back to PC/Nintendo combo. I already play Xbox games on PC lol. Hopefully if that day comes, Sony will implement a shared trophy system.

Switch OLED (upgrade of my launch day Switch)

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I'll get a PS5 at one point when they are readily available or when a Pro model comes out.

Switch all day everyday

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Since Switch is technically current gen, that's my write-on vote. I was slightly interested in the PS5 and Xbox 4, but chip shortages and general lack of killer, next-gen games soured my interest. Hopefully that changes in the future (I'm sure it will), otherwise, it'll just be Switch this gen.

None. I will probably get a PS5 eventually, but I'm in no hurry at all, mainly due to the atrocious controller. The MSRP is not attractive either, and the real price is potentially even higher. Poor availability makes getting one too much effort. I'm just glad there aren't that many interesting games yet... Anyway, I'm hoping a smaller model comes out before I get too interested.

I have all four in my house. PS5 disc and Series X in my bedroom. PS5 digital in my kids room. Series S with travel screen attached to bring with me on trips.