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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Year and a half into the generation, which of the new consoles do you own?


Which of the new consoles do you own?

PS5 disc 10 16.67%
PS5 digital 2 3.33%
Xbox series x 7 11.67%
Xbox series s 1 1.67%
PS5 disc and digital 0 0%
Xbox series X and s. 1 1.67%
A PS5 (disc/digital) and an Xbox (X/S) 4 6.67%
None but plan on getting a PS5 12 20.00%
None but plan on getting a Xbox 4 6.67%
None and not interested in any at the moment 19 31.67%

PS5 and Switch

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Got a Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and an Xbox Series S all on launch day... All happily sitting next to the Switch OLED and PC.

So far there hasn't been a "must have" game for any of these consoles.

Normally I buy the Xbox for just Halo... But I ended up completing Halo: Infinite on my PC instead... So between the PC and work, I might have powered these consoles on a couple of times since purchase to do installs and updates.

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None. Probably gonna eventually get a Xbox Series S and/or a PS5. Don't know yet.

Both a PS5 and a Series X. Managed to nab a PS5 at launch, and picked up a Series X last June when they had an in-store stock drop at GameStop (got there super-early and waited in line).


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Xbox Series S and X

I recently got a PS5 and I'm super happy with it but my case is sorta different in the sense that I didn't own any consoles last gen so I'm having a blast playing through some PS4 games with upgrades plus I get to eventually enjoy all the stuff there's still to come.

Also, Returnal has been a ton of fun BUT personally? the best use of the DualSense controller is still going to Death Stranding's DC's cut. I can't even imagine playing the game with any other controller, SO GOOD!

none to hard to order one here lol



I didn't get a PS4 until 2019, and I have a Switch and other platforms. I don't feel I'm missing much yet.
The earliest I would get a PS5 is the second half of this year, but it's probably going to be in 2023.

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PS5 disc, best game so far was Horizon FW, Ratchet and Clank very close behind. GT7 is a bit of a slow starter unfortunately.
Series X, playing Forza 7 on it until Forza 8 and Starfield come out. I got the Halo edition but had already played it on gp pc. Will play again when splitscreen co-op is finally added.
Switch, sitting idle until Botw2.

Ironically most of my play time is still on ps4 pro, sport mode GT7 on there. The player base is split for sport mode and I enjoy the ps4 crowd more than the ps5 crowd...