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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Year and a half into the generation, which of the new consoles do you own?


Which of the new consoles do you own?

PS5 disc 10 16.67%
PS5 digital 2 3.33%
Xbox series x 7 11.67%
Xbox series s 1 1.67%
PS5 disc and digital 0 0%
Xbox series X and s. 1 1.67%
A PS5 (disc/digital) and an Xbox (X/S) 4 6.67%
None but plan on getting a PS5 12 20.00%
None but plan on getting a Xbox 4 6.67%
None and not interested in any at the moment 19 31.67%

Neither. I voted "plan on getting a PS5" cause I technically do, just not anytime soon.

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Neither. They simply don't have the games I want yet that I can't get from other consoles.

PS5 disc.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I bought the disc version of PS5 as soon as I could after release. I wanted a HD-bluray player to get most out of my newly bought TV.
So far nothing exclusive to the Xbox system have interested me and even without the PS5 I have an extreme backlog of games to play so I do not think I will buy any Xbox system.

Depending on how the next generation of Playstation VR turns out I will get one and then probably feel all set for the generation and probably for a longer foreseeable future.
It is strange but I put more money into gaming than time playing.

Does the Steam Deck count?

No point for me to get a console since my PC is running circles around those devices and just about any console game seems to get a PC release anyway these days.

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None, waiting for the inevitable PS5 Pro. Besides the insane stock situation, I'm also prioritizing my rig, for now, it's getting old and I'm building an insane rig within the next year or so.

None, still waiting for a better PS5 price tag around here, which doesn't seem likely.
Probably gonna hold and wait until GoW5 is about to release and I can't anymore.

Supposedly none, but eventually owned them both in case to play a lot of last gen games on the 9th gen consoles via BC steady framerate, i don't have true gen 9 games yet, otherwise many of those games are crossgen(Technically they're ported last gen games with high settings switched ready).

At the end of the day, i usually play legacy games repeatedly.

The only next gen console I need is a Switch.

None. I have a PC which I'm content with.