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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best Kirby game


Which is the best?

Dreamland 1 4.00%
Adventure 0 0%
Super Star 7 28.00%
Dreamland 3 0 0%
64 0 0%
Epic Yarn 1 4.00%
Return to Dreamland 0 0%
Planet Robobot 4 16.00%
Forgotten Land 11 44.00%
Other 1 4.00%

Which do you think is the Pink Puffball's best game in his 30 year career, and what makes that game worthy of the top spot in your opinion?

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The very first game on Gameboy, followed by the NES game. Can't get more Kirby than those games.

Nothing will top Super Star on SNES or DS.

Milkyway Wishes, The Great Cave Offensive and Revenge of MetaKnight alone make for better stories/overall games than any other Kirby game.


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Superstar is one of my favourite platformers of all time, and remains so to this very day. Co-op mode is Contra levels of fun.

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Planet Robobot had every aspects that makes Kirby, the icon it is. It perfected the 2D gameplay of the modern-era started from SuperStar and polished it to a T + an actual gimmick that was an actual extension of it's capabilities.

Helps that it has arguably the best main story too.

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Haven't played many, but Forgotten Land takes the cake for me. Probably the best non-Mario 3D platformer I've played.

Super Star/Super Star Ultra is a strong runner-up.

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Nice pic you put in the OP!

Will go with Dreamland 2, Epic Yarn and Forgotten Land.
Still need to finish Forgotten Land, but it has started very well.

Loved playing Epic Yarn, nice co-op experience I had playing with a non-gamer, and none of the later Yoshi's have been able to fulfil that.

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Forgotten Land, by far.

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Kirby Super Stars on SNES. That game was amazing and really made many like Kirby.

Kirby Super Star.
Great variety, story (for a kirby game), lots of content, fantastic music and great coop.