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What years did you start gaming?

Pre-1980 3 3.53%
1980-1984 12 14.12%
1985-1989 17 20.00%
1990-1994 22 25.88%
1995-1999 20 23.53%
2000-2004 7 8.24%
2005-2009 4 4.71%
2010-2014 0 0%
2015-2020 0 0%
2021-2022 0 0%

Here's my Primary Console Gaming Journey (plus handhelds):

1990 = My Existence
1993-1997 = Master System
1997-2002 = N64 (GB Pocket)
2002-2007 = Gamecube (GBA)
2007-2011 = Wii (DS)
2011-2017 = NOTHING - I basically stopped caring and then got back into it with...
2017-Current = Switch

I did actually buy a PS3 in 2013 but I basically never played it so it hardly counts and I'm a nintendo boy at heart.

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1. Game Boy Color
2. Game Boy Advance SP/PS2
4. Wii/NDS
5. Wii U
6. Switch

PS1 (2000-2003)

PS2 (2004-2008)

DS (2009)

Nothing/PC (2010-2014)

3DS (2015-1018)

Switch (2019-2020)

PS4 (2021-now)

Played numerous other old-school consoles renting, mom's boyfriend had numerous of them and let people play for money. Those "video game houses", where quite popular in Brazil, and worked like cyber cafes. Of course he never charged me, although mom still payed a couple of times 

PS1 was the first I actually owned, Even after I got a PS1 I rented SNES and N64 from a couple of times because I just liked them. But PS1 came first, then PS2, then DS, but DS soon started to feel pretty dated as my love for handhelds vanished very quickly. 

At this point I wanted a PSP and a PS3, but parents had no money to buy none. So I stopped gaming for a while, playing online free games on PC, os downloading PS2/Gamecube illegally and emulating them (because eventually my PS2 stopped working). My uncle lived with me during this and had a Wii and a PSP, I loved the PSP but as portable never got to play much. I fucking hated the Wii thing forcing me to move my arms instead of just letting me click proper buttons smh 

This changed around 2015 when I started to make my own money thanks to an scholarship grant. However instead of a PS3 or even a PS4 I got a... 3DS. At that time I spent all my day outside, only at home to sleep and at weekends I used to live with my grandparents, so yeah, pointless to have a stationary console to play it for 2 hours a week 

Got a Switch next for the same reasons and this machine made me truly like gaming again. But then the pandemic hit and being at home quickly changed to be the norm rendering Switch portability to be more a detail than something necessary. I found it was time to finally get a PS4 and even though I still play a lot on Switch PS4 is now my main system. Looking at the prospects of still at home even after starting a masters degree I guess I'm back to Sony again and my next one is probably going to be PS5

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1. PS2 (family)
2. Wii (family)
3. DS
4. PS3 (family)
5. 3DS
6. Wii U lol
7. Switch
8. PS5

NES --> SNES --> PS1 --> PS2 --> Wii --> PS4 --> Switch

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*TRS-80 Color Computer 2 (filled the void during the North American Video Game Crash up to getting an NES in '88)





Xbox 360

Wii U


I played with a lot of the mainstream retro consoles between the years of like 6-7. My dad and all my 6 older siblings were gamers so we ended up having Colecovision, NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, N64, and PS1 before I was even born or around the time that I was just an infant. I was always drawn to video games and had played the aforementioned consoles here and there, TBH I watched my siblings play those consoles more than I actually played them. I didn't start gaming in earnest until the tail end of the 6th gen when my lil bro and I got the GameCube in '04 as a present, a few months later my older bro got the PS2 and I was hooked.

Main consoles I played on starting w/gen 6:

6. PS2 (even tho I love the GCN a lot more)

7. Xbox 360 (again I loved the Wii more lol)

8. PS4 (we don't talk about the Wii U...)

9. Switch (my series S is getting a lot of love recently tho)

Handheld consoles:

6. GBA (was my older brothers, let me have it after he was done with Pokemon Ruby)

7. DS ( I may have played this more than the 360 actually)

8. 3DS (Vita was great too!)

9. Switch (Again!)


You won't like it.... Oh boy, you won't like it.

1. SEGA GameGear
2. SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive
3. PlayStation
4. Nintendo 64
5. Game Cube

*Owned PlayStation 2 in summer 2003, but immediately collected heavy dusts*

6. PC
7. Xbox

*Owned PlayStation 3 in early 2007, but immediately collected heavy dusts*

8. PC (again)
9. Xbox 360
10. Nintendo DS

*Owned Nintendo Wii in summer 2009, but immediately collected heavy dusts because for playing GCN games only*

11. PC (again)
12. Nintendo 3DS
13. Wii U
14. Xbox One

*Owned PS4 in 2015 for Bloodborne, but.....*

14. Back to Wii U for Splatoon
15. PC (Yeah, i know it's getting old, but this time it's because of Doom 2016 and Overwatch)
16. Switch & PC together


*Oh yeah, i owned both Xbox Series X and PS5 in the same year, however*

17. Switch & PC together (again)

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Gen 6: Xbox
*Gen 7: Xbox 360
Gen 8: PS4
Gen 9: Xbox Series

*PS3 became my primary system towards the end of this gen.

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1. NES
2. Genesis
3. N64
4. PS2
5. PS3
6. PS4
7. Switch (gen 9)

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