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What years did you start gaming?

Pre-1980 3 3.53%
1980-1984 12 14.12%
1985-1989 17 20.00%
1990-1994 22 25.88%
1995-1999 20 23.53%
2000-2004 7 8.24%
2005-2009 4 4.71%
2010-2014 0 0%
2015-2020 0 0%
2021-2022 0 0%

Hi everyone,

With these favorite consoles from each company polls hitting VGC, I just thought I'd ask what your gaming experience looks like based on your primary console of each generation.  I'll do mine first to show what I'm looking for.  I know many are going to want to include two per generation or gaming cycle, but I'm hoping we can do our best to stick with the system that makes the most sense.  For instance, while I loved the GameCube and played on that system quite a bit, there's no mistaking that the PS2 was my primary console that generation, regardless of how much I loved Metroid Prime, WindWaker, Smash Bros Melee, etc. 

You can make a separate handheld list if you like.  Or, if the DS was your primary means of gaming during its lifespan then you could include it in your main list. Also, this list only applies to contemporary consoles, so even if you had a retro phase and played the NES for the first time in the 2000s you couldn't include it in your list.  Some gamers will have to start at Gen 3 or Gen 4, etc.  Finally, I know many here prefer PCs, so if you gamed primarily on PCs your entire life then your list would look like this: PC.

Anyway, here's my list:

Atari 2600/NES/SNES/PS1/PS2/Wii/WiiU/Switch

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1. nes.
2. gen
3. sat
4. ps2
5. xb360
6. pc
7. pc
future. PC.

Atari 2600, Commodore 64 (C128), Amiga, PCs since 1993

primary home console per gen: SNES, PS1, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS4, PS5

primary handheld per gen: GBC, GBA, PSP, Vita, Switch, Steam Deck

Started gaming in 1977 and have been ever since. That year changed my life, it turned me into a lifelong gamer and a star wars fan. I've played every major platform release (and some not so major) and my all time favorite platform is Genesis. It lived up to its name as it really was a new beginning for entertainment. My primary platforms would look something like this:

  1. Pong
  2. 2600
  3. NES
  4. Genesis
  5. Saturn / PS1
  6. Dreamcast / Xbox
  7. 360
  8. XBO
  9. Series X
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PS1-->PS2-->Xbox 360-->PS4/X1-->PS5 (I feel I spent a pretty even amount of time between both X1 and PS4)

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NES > snes > PS1 > PS2 > X360 > PS4 > Switch

Started playing in late 80's, Atari 2600 was my first console cause it was my father's console, even tho its life cycle was already over back then and the NES had already released. Shortly after I jumped to the Nes before the Snes released. The Snes was really when I got into gaming because it felt like a complete game changer - no pun intended - back then. After that I always had a mix of Ninty/Sony consoles, when money could allow it, I would never could marry myself to one brand cause its very limiting for this particular medium. PS2 is the very first console I bought myself with my own money.

Consoles I've owned

Atari 2600
Snes - Happiest gaming days of my life. 
PS1/N64 - Hard to say which one was my main when N64 released, I really used both regularly.
PS2 - Never had nor cared for the Gamecube. 
Wii/PS3 - PS3 Being the main more often than not.
PS4/Switch - with PS4 being my main to this day.

I also had a Xbox 360 for a very short while, but I sold it soon after, so I guess it doesnt count. 
I had (still have) a WiiU but it has never been my main console. 
Never cared for Sega.

My list is pretty boring.

When I was born I played


Next primary console is


Then I played


And as I got older I got more into



NES -> SNES -> N64 -> GCN -> X360 -> PS4 -> Switch

The 7th and 8th gens are really tight. In each instance I started on a Nintendo platform and picked up a rival platform two years later — and ultimately spent more hours on it.

1.- NES
2.- Nothing, my family was too poor to afford something that generation so we kept playing on the NES.
3.- N64
4.- Gamecube
5.- Stopped gaming that generation, I had a Wii for a while but didn't like it so my father took it away (I regret let him take it away).
6.- Wii U
7.- Switch

I know... my English sucks.