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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Sony home console?


What's your favorite Sony home console?

PlayStation 150 18.14%
PlayStation 2 321 38.81%
PlayStation 3 115 13.91%
PlayStation 4 133 16.08%
PlayStation 5 108 13.06%

Now that is indeed a poll I had never seen coming. Let me do the rundown:

  1. PlayStation 3
  2. PlayStation 4
  3. PlayStation
  4. PlayStation 2

First and second place is a close-call. If I had gotten Persona 5 on on PS4 instead of 3, it would probably be my top pick, as that is essentially my favorite PlayStation game ever. Other PS3 favorites would be The Last of Us, MGS Legacy Collection and Tales of Xillia, Xillia 2 and Graces F.

Can't speak for PS5 as I don't have one or have tried any of its games.

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2022 predictions:

  • Switch - 24m
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So far, the PS4. It was the first and only PlayStation console I mained on (from launch to the release of the Xbox One X). Its controller was also a huge improvement over previous designs, and I felt Sony really stepped things up for their first-party content. The PS5 could potentially surpass it, though.

I had a PS1 and PS2 mainly for Final Fantasy and a few other exclusives, and I never actually owned a PS3 since my former roommate owned one. I never liked the controllers of the first three PS systems. Also, 3D games in Gens 5 & 6 were mostly misses for me, as I felt the industry was really stumbling through that transition from 2D to 3D (Nintendo and Rare being big exceptions). Gen 6 was probably the nadir for me when it came to playing video games. Only a handful of games from that generation are titles I'd consider among my all-time favorites.


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Close call between the PS3 and PS1. I think PS3 takes it for the amount of games and sheer quality of them. There's just so many games on there that are among my favourite games of all time it would take some time to list. And a lot still hold up today and still regularly go back to, from time to time.. which is more than can be said about most of earlier PS or 3D consoles games - for me. PS1 did have some amazing games though and introduced me to some of my favourite franchises going forward like Tekken, MGS, RE, FF etc

Top 5 (PS3)
Mass Effect 2
Uncharted 2
The Last of Us
God of War 3

As a person not blinded by nostalgia: PS5. Yeah, sure, it's the most powerful, but I also believe that the industry is by and large better now than it's ever been and the PS5 is a console that shows that. We have some of the best looking and playing AAA titles, we have Indies of all shapes and sizes, and after way too long of focusing on either end of the spectrum I feel like we're getting middle-tier games again and that makes me very happy. You know, stuff that ain't Calladoody level AAA or Indies made up of teams of 10 people, the stuff like Bloodborne that has a respectable budget but isn't lighting up the charts and the devs don't complain about it selling below expectations with a respectable as heck 2+million copies sold. I think that the current generation comprised of the PS5, XSX, and the Switch encapsulate so much about why I love gaming. WE have options. we have quality AND quantity. We have some amazing games. We have shit like Elden Ring selling 12+ million copies in less than a month despite CLEARLY being a mid-range niche title. IT's just so awesome.

It used to be the PS4, but then the PS5 came out with a better controller and nearly 100% backwards compatibility to it. So the PS5 can do everything the PS4 can do, plus it does the things that PS4 does better (More consistent framerate and performance options), as well as PS5 things.

My Rankings go PS5 > PS4 > PS2 > PS3 > PS1

And Ps3 is only not in there chronologically because the industry was getting pretty shitty at the time and the first 3-4 years of that console were bunk. PS1 hasn't aged well at all, and while I don't think most PS2 games aged all that well either, the sheer volume of games on it and the sheer variety of those games meant that it was special.

So yeah, clearly the least popular option, but I Love the Ps5 a tonne. It's still new and has managed to impress me, plus it does everything my previous fave did but better and with a better controller, plus we're also getting into a time where I think gaming is awesome. Yeah sure there's crap from the big three (Activision, EA, and Ubisoft) that are generic, exploitative garbage, but you can avoid ALL of that and still not be able to keep up with all the cool shit we get. what other era could we get something as niche as Sifu or Elden Ring or Returnal? like, Returnal is a game that is a third person SHMUP that is also procedurally generated and actually has a pretty great story. How unique is that? It just feels like a good time to be alive when it comes to gaming.

And I'm sure I'll like the PS6 even more when it eventually comes out. I use my PS5 for everything. My Living room has a Switch and PS5 in it, and it's a perfect gaming hub. I plan on getting a Series X eventually as well (once all those promised games start actually coming out, maybe for Starfield). The Switch is also my second favourite Nintendo console (Next only to the nostalgia favourite SNES), and even though I don't have one yet the XSX is my favourite Xbox, becuase even though I criticize the heck out of microsoft I think what they bring to the table is valuable and I think the Series X/S is going to end up being their strongest offering for the same reason I love the Ps5. I don't care about GamePass, but a lot of people do and a lot of the things they offer are great.

I'm always for more variety in my gaming.

My Console Library:

PS5, Switch

PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, WiiU, Wii, GCN, N64 SNES, XBO, 360

3DS, DS, GBA, Vita, PSP, Android

Top 6 this generation: 
Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, God of War, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls III, Red Dead Redemption II, Rock Band 4

Being that my interest began to wane after the plug-and-play era (Atari 2600-PS2) was over, I am going to go with PS1... though I will acknowledge that PS2 is vastly superior when it comes to its game library. I always put a premium on innovative games and consoles, and the PS1 was very much the NES of it's era. Before that console launched, gaming was mostly for nerds and children. Sony changed that, almost overnight. At least where I lived, anyway. Suddenly, there were cool twenty-somethings gaming and adults going into stores and buying video games for themselves... which was mind-boggling to me at the time. Its games were also so unique and different from everything else that came before it that when I play them now, I get a far bigger kick to the nostalgia-bone than I do when I fire up my PS2.

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PS4, followed very closely by the PS2.

Top 5:

1. RDR2

2. TLOU Remastered

3. Spider-Man

4. Uncharted 2 Remastered

5. Uncharted 4

If you remove remastered games then The Lost Legacy and FF7 Remake would come in after Uncharted 4.

I enjoyed the PS2 as well, but there were so many big games to come on the PS4 as well. Too early to tell how the PS5 stacks up, but it will be interesting.

PS2 for me. As others have mentioned, the sheer variety and quantity of interesting titles is hard to overlook. PS2 also represents, for me, the best intersection of great Sony-produced games and great third-party games. Sony's output was a bit wobbly during the PS1 era but really hit its stride across the sixth gen. In my mind, the PS2 is the only Sony home console where you could argue the best part of its library consisted of first-party productions -- either designed or published in house. 

1. Ico
2. Metal Gear Solid 3
3. Shadow of the Colossus
4. Devil May Cry
5. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

PS2 was titanic. 95% all the remarkable games of that generation were released on PS2

Overall all Sony consoles are great, PS3 being the weakest so far but pretty strong still

Gotta say the PS2 with the PS4 being a distant second.  There was a lot more creativity in the PS2 gen IMO, where PS4 had a huge focus on cookie cutter open world games.

Cannot be the PS5 by any stretch at this time, as it is basically just a PS4 Pro Plus right now, and will remain as such till their games stop being cross gen. Same would apply to Series X.

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Playstation 2

Top 10 favorite PS2 games (in no particular order)

1. Kingdom Hearts II
2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
3. Final Fantasy X
4. Star Ocean Till the End of Time
5. Devil May Cry 3
6. Disgaea Hour of Darkness
7. Marvel VS Capcom 2
8. Tekken 5
9. Persona 4
10. Tales of the Abyss


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