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Forums - Gaming Discussion - E3 2022 digital event has officially been cancelled.

Sadly this may be the end. Bums me out, but it's inevitable. There just isn't much need to gather the press in one place to get word out, when you could just do a Nintendo Direct or State of Play and go directly to the people.

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I feel absolutely nothing reading this. Maybe I just never cared for E3 

Wasn't this confirmed a while back? But yeah I still remember getting hyped for E3 a few years ago. They had some of the most funny/cringy things moments done live and pre-recorded demos just don't feel the same.

Hoping they'll bring it back next year.

Well this sucks. -_-

Oh well.


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Even thoguh E3 isn't what it used to be it's quite sad to see the continued decline.

If it doesn't come back strong next year that could possibly be it.

E3 is clearly very dead.

who really cares if they are able to come back next year.

I don't think E3 will ever comeback? Hope I'm not right, but it doesn't seem it'll happen.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

Nintendo showed the way with the Directs, it's the effective way to go in this digital age.

Another initiative they had has not been followed or repeated since, and think they should give it another chance.
And that is to provide the actual demos and trials to the people at home, then everyone can make their own opinions on the titles.
In the end, videogames are an interactive media, and while watching a video can give you an idea of how it is, nothing beats actually playing it.

I actually think this is how a digital E3 should be!
It just needs some effort on developers and partners with actual titles to play and not just cinematic reels.

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You young folks wouldn't know it, but the long decline of the E3 began way back in 2007 when the organizers decided to drastically reduce its scope for some reason and remove a lot of things that made E3 fun and interesting.

Then it started to shrink from a top-tier trade exposition filled with journalists and guests from all over the world to something that had to beg developers to partake. Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with the internet or whatever. Even now there are fairs and exhibitions in other industries that are much bigger than E3.