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25,000 of Vladimir Putin’s Troops Have Been Killed In Ukraine, Says UK Defence Secretary

“Twenty five thousand Russians, we think, have been killed in that fight in the space of 112, 115 days. Russia has failed on all its major objectives.

“It is now reduced to a grinding advance - a few hundred metres every few days at massive cost in one small part of eastern Ukraine along two or three axes. That is not a victory in anyone’s book.”

Ukraine War: UK Pledges An Extra £1bn In Military Support - BBC News

The new funding takes the military aid given to Kyiv to £2.3bn - and the UK has also spent £1.5bn in humanitarian and economic support for Ukraine.

Putin: Russia Will Respond If NATO Sets Up Infrastructure In Finland, Sweden | Reuters

He said Russian troops had advanced in Ukraine and that the military intervention was going as planned. There was no need, he said, to set a deadline for an end to the campaign. (LOL)

Ukraine War: Soldiers Hungry To Learn From British Army As They Sharpen Skills On Salisbury Plain | World News | Sky News

"It came as a shock to us," he said, speaking at the weekend, about the Ukrainians' hunger to learn.

"We prepared the training programme and the training content based on our experience delivering training to British soldiers.

"And when we found out that they were professional rocket artillerymen, the content of the course and delivering that became much easier."

"They just work, work and work and they ask a lot of questions."


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Sounds like the soldiers in Lysychansk are threatened by the same fate as those from Mariupol or Hirske a week ago. Seems like Russia took over the oil refinery or will do so in the next hours/days and from there it isn't much to stop them to reach their forces north from it. Those assholes will just wait until those in Lysychansk have no bullets/food/water anymore and have to give up.

Yesterday our minister of defense was yet again like "no we can't send Leopard 2 tanks because uhm ohh uhmmm" and still acting as if some defensive systems for air strikes and a few Howitzers are enough. They might be great as well but it's sad to know that Ukraine could be in a much better position since months already with better tanks and some other weaponry. 

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Thank you Ryuu96 for your continued contribution, really appreciate it

Jumpin said:

I’m actually sad for the YPG. The Kurds can’t get a break :(

There’s a lot of bullshit that happened in that war. European volunteers that helped them deal with ISIS/Daesh, then having to flee to South America because Turkey and Western governments declared them terrorists.

Yes, this is the first macroscopic proof of the really awful side effects of Putin's megalomania: he thinks (or maybe he thought, now he could have understood, but he's prisoner of his own actions) this war made him and Russia stronger, but actually it made them weaker, and while the West is suffering too, the global effect is of making Merdogan stronger and able to get away with bullying other countries and even attacking them as long as he keeps a profile low enough. And the even worse effect is that in the mid and long term China too will become stronger, and this is an even bigger problem than Turkey.
But for what a more long-sightedness of the West could have preventedd easier, be damned the day Turkey joined NATO. Since then the whole alliance has already been forced to accept unacceptable actions by Turkey many times: Northern Cyprus invasion and thwarting the legitimate right of Kurdistan to become a state are the most shameful ones, not to mention Merdogan's relentless attempts to destroy Atatürk's reforms.

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What Russia has lost according to estimates in order to gain 0.3% of territory between June 1st - July 1st.

  • 5,050 Troops.
  • 216 Tanks.
  • 393 APVs.
  • 137 Artillery Systems.
  • 39 MLRS Systems.
  • 11 Anti-Aircraft Systems.
  • 9 Planes.
  • 11 Helicopters.
  • 2 Boats/Cutters.
  • 126 UAVs.
  • 12 Special Equipment.
  • 320 Vehicles and Fuel Tanks.
  • 22 Cruise Missiles.