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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PlayStation Studios and Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development - Which is the better first party group?

TheMisterManGuy said:
aTokenYeti said:

I do think it’s curious that you would exclude Microsoft though. By this time next year they will have more first party studios than Nintendo and Sony combined, and almost triple the developer headcount. If that is not “putting effort into first partyâ€Â I’m not sure what is

Microsoft's ambitions are far grander than Sony or Nintendo. They're stocking up to compete against companies like Meta and Tencent who are trying to eat their way into the industry. Microsoft is preparing for that future by buying publishers so that they can have the advantage over any incoming player.

It's very different from Nintendo and Sony who are moreso investing in themselves rather than prepping for a subscription based metaverse future.

Far grander ambitions and yet still behind in these current times to output what Sony and Nintendo produces in terms of games.

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I feel like Nintendo's games tend to be ones that drive the industry forward and create franchises and genres. Sony's output tends to be very polished games that mostly stick with the overall trends of the time. I.e. Uncharted, Spider-man. So overall I prefer Nintendo. But I haven't played a lot of Sony first party stuff, so grain of salt.

Nintendo is more talented. Better quality games with smaller teams. Nintendo is greatly unmatched in first-party studio talent. Sony outs out a lot of good looking highly produced games but standard game mechanics that don't stand out for the most part. Nintendo is often innovative in software as well as hardware. People may clown on Wii sports but it brought in people who don't normally play games. Sony tried to copy that with PS Move and Move sports.

Horizon and BOTW going for that open world. BOTW has a lot more attention to details like shooting the grass with fire and the grass burns for example. (not saying Nintendo invented this btw) Horizon nothing happens as everything is just a setting but not really an interactive world. HZD is pretty typical of most AAA big world games. Games like that are more worried about completing a character animation than a character's action.

I've seen plenty of times Sony try to chase a Nintendo idea in software. Most notably Smash Bros. Before someone tries to say Mario Maker copied little big planet. Mega Man Powered up for one came out before LBP and two Nintendo had the concept for Mario Maker in the 90s but didn't have the ability to do it. Oh and Excitebike track editor Not Saying Sony copied them but I am saying Nintendo didn't.

I think the most ambitious Sony franchise the last decade or at least one of them didn't have a large budget. Gravity Rush. Don't get me wrong it had some problems esp in mission design but the flying in that game is genuinely the best sense of superhero flying ever in a game. Spiderman did have a great Swinging mechanic...but the open world is pretty Ubisoft. So once the checklist in the map is done and the story is done. Nothing brings me back. BOTW I can always go back. Sony and MS are not. "dur Naughty Dog" yeah in the visual set-pieces but not in gameplay. Pretty standard shit. Feels dated. Days gone everything from visuals to characters to writing to menus to UI to gameplay feels like every game released that gen. It is just so damn generic. Not terrible but just another one of those. 

Despite how much money MS has spent. All those studios put out glitch filled problematic games and do anything but innovate as they have to keep the status quo t appeal to the mass. They are just studios that put out stuff that suffers from every bad AAA game habbit. So meh.

Nintendo can make anything they want and usually be great. Nintendo puts a focus,philosophy and level of critical thought into their gameplay with attention to the smallest details that are unmatched in the industry by a long shot. Nintendo are master craftsmen at game design. Mechanics and little gameplay touches.

ftr I do like some first party games. I liked Spider-Man a lot. Just because I don't think Sony are the craftsmen Nintendo is. Doesn't mean I dislike Sony nor love every Nintendo series. NOt into a lot of Nintendo franchises tbh.

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Sony is obviously better on a technical level, thanks to Nintendo ceasing to care about specs a long time ago.
But I easily say Nintendo. More great games and especially more near-perfect games.
Give me Mario, Zelda, and Animal Crossing over Uncharted, Spider-Man, and the others.
Even if you broadened the prompt to Sony Interactive Entertainment vs. Nintendo, I still say Nintendo. Because it gives Nintendo even more IPs like Super Smash Bros., EarthBound, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, and others.

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Nintendo is more innovative, unique, and covers a wider variety of genres and styles that appeal to me, but it's all held back by extremely underpowered systems. Nintendo games being designed around powerful hardware could truly be phenomenal.

I strongly disagree with the sentiment that Sony's games have average or unoriginal mechanics. Imo, what Sony generally sort of suck or don't do well enough at is level design/exploration, content/longevity, and pacing/priorities (overly cinematic). The other thing I hate about them is the way they treated my favorite teams and games from Japan Studio. I was looking forward to them giving more attention and support to Japanese talent now that they're financially stable and expanding left and right, but nope. Too bloody western. No signs of even PC-porting their rich library of old Japanese games...

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Nintendo has more variety and more innovation, so Nintendo.

Nintendo, majority of top selling games on a Nintendo platform is a Nintendo game. That says enough.

Missing a few developers on SiE in OP, they have 21 studios - Some of which are support teams.

I'd have to agree the issue is a bit apples and oranges, both are adapted for very different methods. If you swapped them suddenly, like all of Nintendo's team worked at Sony and Sony's team worked at Nintendo, both would quickly run into problems.

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

Nintendo. They live and die by their first party games. Playstation can succeed even if all of their first party games are crap. And actually that is kind of how I feel about them now. Almost all of the first party games that I liked from Sony in the past have come from their Japanese studio. It's closed now. Their first party lineup basically has nothing for me anymore. But even when it did, it wasn't the main draw for me buying a Playstation.