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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo To Buy Nobody for $0


What are you FEEEELING?

I KNEW IT!!!!! 15 30.61%
I am more shocked than Luke! 3 6.12%
We needed this to restor sanity to the forum. 2 4.08%
We deserved this thread. 8 16.33%
BAN DULFITE! 16 32.65%

Reports are coming in that Nintendo LTD is planning on purchasing at least 75% shares in nobody, the publishing studio that owns no studios and is legendary for no game one, no game two, and no game three. Their fall from grace over no game four lead to a share decline of roughly 37% Y/Y which gave Nintendo the incentive to pounce.

With this purchase, Nintendo has greatly expanded it's capabilities and footprint in nowhere.

*This is breaking news and will be updated as details come in.

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Nintendo doesn't need anyone, it's really just Sony who is going to be hurt badly by the "traditional 3rd party" structure falling apart. Nintendo has sold systems for decades now mainly on their own IP.

Nintendo is probably fine. They are a lot more self sustainable than Sony/MS.

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Nintendo actually has more power if MS buys up a bunch of big third parties, it weakens Sony primarily. So let the acquistion wars continue, Nintendo has done just fine without say ... GTA for years. How's Sony going to do if MS buys Take 2? They're going to be hurt badly.

Good one.
But honestly, since these aquisitions seem to continue I kinda hope Nintendo buys someone, anyone before everyone's gone.

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Kakadu18 said:

Good one.
But honestly, since these aquisitions seem to continue I kinda hope Nintendo buys someone, anyone before everyone's gone.

I'll be serious for a moment. I'd rather Nintendo make brand new studios that focus exclusively on reviving old Nintendo ip in the hopes they can be popular again if they have a creative enough idea. We don't really need new IP, Nintendo has plenty it hadn't used in years/decades. And you don't buy an established studio generally to revive old ip, but to work on their own games, so I hope they build new studios with their money.

I hope Nintendo doesnt buy anyone - would rather have MS or Sony buy - more chance of multiplatform support.


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I also want Nintendo to make studios to revive old IP's like Earthbound , F - Zero , Star Fox , Golden Sun , Sin and Punishment and many more , but I wouldn't mind Nintendo buying Platinum and take the developers that created Octopath Traveler and Triangle Stradegy off of Square Enix like how Nintendo took Monolith from Namco.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

Nintendo will be fine. They're already investing in expanding software development, building two new facilities for that purpose.

Nintendo should be fine, yes they have the smallest 1st party of the 3 in terms of studio count, but they have alot of IP's that sell really big numbers, they have a dedicated fanbase that is willing to buy Nintendo games at high prices even years after they release (which is why Nintendo can get away with never dropping their software prices lower than $40 on key franchises), and neither Xbox nor Playstation are really trying to compete with their hybrid console/handheld concept on Switch.