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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How many mainline Pokemon games will Pokemon Legend Arceus outsell?


How many games it will outsell?

None 16 50.00%
1 - Black and White 3 9.38%
2 - BW and SM 0 0%
3 - BW, SM, and RS 1 3.13%
4 - BW, SM, RS, and XY 4 12.50%
5 - BW, SM, RS, XY, and DP 4 12.50%
6 - BW, SM, RS, XY, DP, and SS 0 0%
7 - BW, SM, RS, XY, DP, SS, GS 2 6.25%
ALL of them! 2 6.25%

The issue is....well it is such an odd departure from how games have been before, and in an odd release window in January, Still an odd window IMO, especially as the set up for it doesn't feel like 'pushed back' as it was confirmed for that in May. The fandom reaction is going to be the deciding factor IMO

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Depends on the quality of the game but i feel like it will sell below expectations. Marketing doesnt seem to hit when people played Botw 5 years ago on the same system and the sequel is coming the same year. Pokémon legends looks empty and not quite fun actually.

I was happy when they announced it, but i feel like they really didn’t show much more since then and the game still looks empty as hell. And knowing gamefreak it’s probably not just an intuition but the game is just unfinished or rushed. I dont know why they have to release this in January when they just released a Pokémon game…

Kakadu18 said:
aikohualda said:

This games seems to have a lot of potential and even if it sucks, would like it to be successful.  The reason I want this game to be successful just because game freak is finally taking more risk for a Pokemon game.  They are moving away from their comfort zone and I hope they would do it more often.  How successful will this game be? How many units it will sell? Will it outsell a lot of mainline pokemon game? These are the mainline pokemon games (excluding remakes, 3rd entry, and direct sequel).

The game has to sell at least 15.65 million to outsell the lowest mainline Pokemon game (Black and White).  I think it is a pretty easy number to beat. But how many Games you think it will beat out of 8 generations of mainline Pokemon games?

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The 3DS entry's numbers are not up to date. X/Y sold 16.58mil and Sun/Moon sold 16.27mil, more than Ruby/Sapphire, so your poll is wrong too.

I will fix it when i get the chance! Thank you!


It's really hard to say how many. I wouldn't be shocked if this number turns out to be 0. However I am going to be bullish and say it will outsell Diamond/Pearl. If it can outdo Sword/Shield then I will definitely be shocked.

Hopefully none. I'm glad too that GameFreak are at least trying something different, but at the same time they've been incredibly lazy as devs every since Gold/Silver/Crystal basically and Arceus looks like one of their laziest yet. They're not likely to improve either if their laziness keeps getting rewarded. They need a flop for their own sake!

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I think its sabotaged a bit by arriving right after a remake, I'll peg it at 15m LT if good. If bad than 8-9m

I think it has a decent chance to hit 20 million. I don't think it'll come anywhere close to SS but it should beat all those 16m/17m games.
I would think it'll hit 10 million this quarter and be at 15 million by end of the year. Another 5 million the rest of its life is possible.

Seems to be taking the series in a fresh new direction. Even if it's not the full blown open world that people were probably hoping for. But the game looks cool.

The only possible wrench I could see is that they made the bizarre choice to release it two months after the DP remake, so it's possible pokemon fans aren't gonna feel like buying two Pokemon games in a row. This game would have made much more sense as a holiday '22 release.

Based on the strong pre-orders I have seen, I'd say it will at least beat Diamond/Pearl.

I'm not sure. It's good that they're taking risks, but I feel like this one may be rough around the edges. It also will potentially be less accessible than other entries. It's also being marketed a bit differently as more of a spin off. On the other hand, novelty can pay off, and the Switch ecosystem is very healthy. I'm just going to guess 2.

None. Even the worst-selling mainline title (Black and White) sold 15.64 million. I don't see Arceus reaching 15 million or above, but 10 million is likely.

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