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Forums - Gaming Discussion - JRPG recommendations?

I'm a HUGE RPG gamer, buuuuuuut I'm ashamed to say I've kinda just stuck to Western RPG's like Mass Effect, The Witcher, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Fable, etc. :(

So I'm looking to expand my RPG horizons and what better way to do so than going into JRPG's! I primarily play on PC but I also do play on Switch. Primarily for Nintendo first-party games, which I've dabbled in Fire Emblem here and there and Three Houses is definitely on my list, but I wanted to know what some good JRPG recommendations are for PC and Switch?

Let me know your personal favorites and the reason why you love them! 

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Persona 4 Golden is a fantastic JRPG. Shin Megami Tensei V on Switch is also abosolutely amazing.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is a great Action- JRPG with a fantastic story. At launch the PC port wan't very good but maybe got patched, the Switch port is great except for a few framerate dips.
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox also has a great story and traversal.

Both Xenoblade Chronicles games on the Switch are great with also fantastic stories.

Monster Hunter, both World and Rise as well as Stories 2 are great.

Astral Chain, great combat and worldbuilding.

The Trails of Cold Steel series. Haven't played them yet myself but heard alot of great stuff about them and the soundtrack is great. I'm just waiting for the first two to release on Switch to finally play all four.

Tales of Arise I heard is great. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition I know is great.

Dragon Quest XI S is fantastic. Awesome story and combat. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is also seemingly great, I haven't played it myself though.

Bravely Default 2 is also great, don't let the weird character design scare you off.

The Nier games I heard are also great.

The Nioh games are also great I heard.

The Atelier franchise is worth checking out, especially the Ryza games. The Switch has all the Atelier games from the last 10 or so years.

NEO The World Ends With You is also great.

There are tons of great JRPGs.

I only like the more simple JRPGs, with some exceptions. Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi, Dragon Quest, and Xenoblade. Xenoblade is by far the most complicated JRPG series I like, and it is borderline too complicated for my liking. Obvious I don't want too simplistic of games, but I do like the simpler, artful ones.

Bug Fables is one of the best games I ever played, along with PM TTYD. Chris tales is decent too.

Anything with Final Fantasy in the title 

And they are all on PC, that's a plus

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I feel like Chrono Trigger is the quintessential Super Nintendo JRPG. Although they didn’t give the PC version the same level of polish they gave the SNES, PS1, and DS versions.

I'll mention two of my favorites:

Dragon Quest XI S is such an amazing and charming classic JRPG, if you're into turn-based combat.

Xenoblade Chronicles 1 is my personal favorite JRPG, it has a very engaging story, a wonderful explorable world and the combat is real time, though you still choose attacks from an arts palette.


Turn based (Ordered by preference):
- Trails series ((Sky, Zero and Azure(fan translation or wait for the official release) Colds Steel) PC)
- Xenoblade 1 y 2 (Switch, it's not really turn based, but anyway)
- Persona (Personal recommendation 4>2(PSP version)>5>3>1>2(PS1 version))(PC and emulators)
- Final Fantasy VI,VII,IX,X,XII,XIII series.(PC)
- Tokyo Mirage Sessions(Switch)

Action jrpg:
Tokyo Xanadu (PC)
Ys series (PC)
Nier Replicant and Automata (PC)
Tales of (Abyss(emulated)>Berseria>Symphonia>Zestiria)
Final Fantasy VII Remake (PC)

Strategy RPG
- Fire emblem three houses (switch)
- Valkyria chronicles 1 y 4 (PC and Switch)

Kakadu18 said:

The Trails of Cold Steel series. Haven't played them yet myself but heard alot of great stuff about them and the soundtrack is great. I'm just waiting for the first two to release on Switch to finally play all fo

It should be noted that the Trails of Cold Steel games are just one arc of a much, much bigger story. Right now the Trails series is divided into four different arcs each one containing several games: The Liberl arc (Sky Trilogy), the Crossbell arc (Zero Duology), the Erebonia arc (Cold Steel Tetralogy) and the ongoing yet to be released in the west Calvard arc (Kuro no Kiseki).

Unfortunately for people who want to get into this incredible JRPG series, all the arcs are connected between each other, and not exactly in a superficial, anecdotical way. You could play the first two Cold Steel games without having played any Sky or Zero games, but once you get to the third one you MUST have played the other arcs, specially the Liberl one. Because everything converges in Cold Steel III. 

The Trails series is kinda like the MCU. You can just watch the four Avengers movies without watching any of the other Marvel ones, but you will lose so much stuff, context and background that it could end up being a negative experience. 

So, for anyone trying to get into Trails... My recomendation would be playing the Sky Trilogy first (it's on Steam, PSP and Vita), then the Zero Duology (also on Steam and Vita, soon on Switch and PS4) and THEN you play the Cold Steel games. Alternatively, if you REALLY want to start with the Cold Steel games, you could play Cold Steel I and II, then Sky, then Zero, then back to Cold Steel III and IV. But you'll miss some references and character names here and there. 

A few of the Tales Of games are on Steam.
Dragon Quest Echoes of an Elusive Age is also on Steam.