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Turn based (Ordered by preference):
- Trails series ((Sky, Zero and Azure(fan translation or wait for the official release) Colds Steel) PC)
- Xenoblade 1 y 2 (Switch, it's not really turn based, but anyway)
- Persona (Personal recommendation 4>2(PSP version)>5>3>1>2(PS1 version))(PC and emulators)
- Final Fantasy VI,VII,IX,X,XII,XIII series.(PC)
- Tokyo Mirage Sessions(Switch)

Action jrpg:
Tokyo Xanadu (PC)
Ys series (PC)
Nier Replicant and Automata (PC)
Tales of (Abyss(emulated)>Berseria>Symphonia>Zestiria)
Final Fantasy VII Remake (PC)

Strategy RPG
- Fire emblem three houses (switch)
- Valkyria chronicles 1 y 4 (PC and Switch)