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Forums - Sony Discussion - (Rumor - Jason Schreier) PlayStation Plans New Service to Take On Xbox Game Pass?

EricHiggin said:

$49 - PS Pass - (basically old PS Plus)
$99 - PS Pass Plus - (adds BC and PS Now)
$149-PS Pass Premium - (adds game previews and early access, some non gaming entertainment services)->(Maybe day 1 exclusive new IP?)

A slightly different take. Perhaps leave Plus alone, and better compete with both Nin and MS online options and pricing.

$29 - PS Pass - (basic online gaming access)

$69 - PS Pass Plus - (PS Plus as it exists with it's online access, free games, and discounts)

$149 - PS Pass Premium - (PS Plus, PS Now, BC, day 1 exclusive new IP, previews and early access, VIP discounts)

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I wonder if "highest tier" means the most expensive tier.

My prediction in 2023.

SW: 27m

PS5: 24m

XBS: 12m

Honestly doesn't sound too appealing

SKMBlake said:

I dunno I read that PS+ and Now will merge, but maybe I read it wrong.

And my point was/is: neither Sony nor Nintendo need to do as much as efforts than Microsoft to make people buy their stuff/selling their services, because they are both currently very successful

My guess is the tiers would be like this:

Tier 1: $60 - Basically PS Plus as it is now.

Tier 2: $80 - Basically just PS Plus and PS Now together. I'm guessing all 1st party games launched in the first year of the PS5's life would be put on it.

Tier 3: $100 - All of the above, plus regularly added PS1, PS2, and PSP games. With those games most likely emulated with higher resolution and higher frame rates like the PS2 games are on PS Now.

Alternatively, I could see see them doing:

Tier 1: $30-$40 - Only online multiplayer and online saves.

Tier 2: $60 - Effectively the same as PS Plus, now, with the added games monthly.

Tier 3: $80-$100 - PS Plus and PS Now together, but just with a bunch more early PS5 games and newly added PS1, PS2, and PSP emulation.

Either way, I'm game.

Not selling portables anymore, Sony could add as a distinctive bonus feature Android and iOS support for any PSP and PSV game, but also a selection of PSOne, PS2, PS3 and PS4 ones that could be ported and made playable with enjoyable gameplay on them. Just copying MS Game Pass model could damage some high budget SP 1st party games revenue, Sony needs ways to make up for it, and supporting MS strongest competitors in the OS market could be a cunning way.

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EricHiggin said:


Ah shit, here we go again

zero129 said:



It will be interesting to see what price Sony thinks is sustainable. But other than that, not interested.

There's a small chance it will mean a price drop for base ps+, maybe with less or no games. I already buy that on sale and hardly ever touch the ps+ games so a cheaper online plan would be nice. (Or back to free would be even better)

zero129 said:

So who didnt see this coming?.
I also have to laugh at some of the reply's in this thread from some of the very same people who didnt think this would happen or want this now saying how its going to be bigger then Gamepass thanks to PS+ subs without taking into account how PS+ is going to still be its own service..
Question is how many people are going to pay the extra to play "Old" games that they most likely already own or will be cheaper to pick up on sale 2nd hand??.
Guess what the next step is? Sony fans begging Sony to put first party games on this service day and date to compete with MS when they notice that this isnt doing gamepass numbers so cant brag about it just like they cant atm with PSNow.

I didn't see it coming this quickly, if it really is. Some thought it would never happen, others like myself, figured later than sooner. The big reasons still stand however, at least based on the leak, that things like day 1 exclusives wouldn't be necessary for a PS GP.

The leak seems to imply that SNY will offer something closer to GP, without offering the exact same type of service. Maybe that means more than PS Now but less overall than GP, or perhaps match GP in content though with different types of offerings instead.

I myself wouldn't use this service otherwise, except that I'd guess that Plus is going to get baked into it. As long a there is either a cheaper online only option, or that Plus remains mostly unchanged as is, then I couldn't care less if it's part of the service or separate.

I also don't really think, based on what little is known, that this new PS service would immediately topple GP. If Plus get's baked into it, then it sure will seem like the new service has better numbers through the transfer. Though would that cause MS to then tie Live and it's numbers into GP as well?

I don't think that many overall will pay for BC, which is why I initially thought the mid tier approach, which would tie into Plus right now, would make sense. It would be a nice extra. Though if SNY adds it to the top tier, then those who want it can pay for it. Right now SNY is getting away without BC, so why give it away for free? I can see why SNY would go either route.

I myself threw out the idea of day 1 exclusive new IP in the top tier, simply because that way SNY could get away with offering day 1 exclusives, which happen from time to time, without offering the known heavy hitters. This could also help the launch of new IP for those who aren't as willing to pay $70 to try a new title. It would also help to keep the cost of the top tier service down.

It wouldn't surprise me if SNY goes with a $150 top tier service. That way they can land right in between the GP offerings of $120 and $180, and don't have to quite match what GP Ultimate offers overall. At least until they found out whether it was worth it or not to add a higher exclusives tier for $200 or $250.

twintail said:
EricHiggin said:

Well I figured since MS is offering BC completely free, $99 wouldn't be bad, and it's not like SNY has to put all BC games on there asap. 

The $99 level could be streaming only. In the $149 level you could add native/emulated BC. Again, not necessarily all BC games at launch.

SNY could just add more BC games as time goes on, or cycle through them over time.

Well, its not free. Just not tied to a subscription, but I get where you're coming from.

That said, streaming would be the premium piece here allowing ppl to play where ever and on whatever they wish.

Ya that's the thing. Locking it down to the service would get some push back (dunno how much exactly), even from some XB fans.

Depends on if BC will be done entirely through streaming or not. I'd assume PS3 games will still be streaming only, so that would mean top tier.

SNY could have BC as a totally separate option where anyone can buy PS1, PS2, and PSP, BC games for cheap and emulate them on PS4 and PS5.

My second take on it here makes more sense if this were to be the case.

$29 - PS Pass - (basic online gaming access for all games)

$69 - PS Pass Plus - (PS Plus as it exists with it's online access, free games, and discounts)

$149 - PS Pass Premium - (PS Plus, PS Now, day 1 exclusive new IP, all BC games available, previews and early access, VIP discounts)

I know SNY offering a lower tier than $60 Plus right now seems unlikely, but that very well may be offset by a PS Pass Plus and Premium.

Anyone with PS4 or PS5 could still pay to download and play PS1, PS2, and PSP games this way. Premium get's you all that and PS3 streaming.

Day 1 exclusive new IP would be perfect for SNY marketing to be able to say they're offering exclusives on the service without putting the known heavy hitters on there. They would also get the benefit of more early exposure to new IP without having to rely on a $70 gamble as some see it.

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