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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have you ever quit a game due to difficulty?

Nope. But that are sessions that I've skipped because they were too hard, or tried again in easier difficulty

But I've quit games because I've found them badly designed or annoying

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I absolutely suck at games like Rayman Legends. I wanted to beat the game, or at least many of the levels. But I only got 1/4 way through before I gave up.

Only Sekiro because the game is super cheap and unbalanced. I also hated having to clear out enemies in order to be able to even challenge the boss. Other than Sekiro I have beaten every game I've bought.

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No, I never back down from difficulty if the game is good, the only reason I've quit a game is for being boring or dissapointing as hell - Like Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2 for example.

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Not that I remember. Most games have difficulty options that I could change anyway if I was getting frustrated.

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Super Meat Boy. 3/4 through the game that one boss was way to hard and tedious, so I just quit.

Yep. Nioh, hardly got anywhere, don't think I even reached the first boss before I just got frustrated with it, just wasn't worth it (was free on PS+ anyway).

Hmm, pie.

My buddy ragged quit on me last night! We were playing Back 4 Blood.

I played with some random and rage quit soon after but you have to pick yourself and keep coming back for more punishment.

Ninja Gaiden 2 on the NES. I want to finish it but I keep on dying in Stage 4 (and of course in all three stages before, too) and that's usually the point when I give up. Even though there are infinite continues, I still move on eventually.

A more recent game would be Alien Isolation, but that game is actually not difficult, but rather cheap. The goddamn Alien is purely randomized and no matter what you do, chances are the fucker still catches you eventually just because. That's bullshit.