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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Halo Infinite - How interested are you?


Gonna pick it up?

Day one for sure 25 52.08%
Day one if reviews are great 1 2.08%
When it's on sale 5 10.42%
Probably not, but who knows? 9 18.75%
No chance, Halo sucks 8 16.67%

Its Halo, huge fan of the series. This looks very promising.

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I am very excited but Im not playing until co-op campaign is out. Thats like 80% of the fun for me (and Ive never cared for the non campaign multiplayer)

Preordered the game sometime ago. Will play it as soon as get the Xbox Series X.

No interest in these type of games.

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Got the steelbook version on pre order and the Infinite console on pre order as well. Needless to say, I am very hyped for this.

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I have Game Pass and a "can do" attitude. Day one for me.

Day one daddy o.

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I'm a fan of the typical Halo campaign style, and the campaign story is all I'm interested in.
Infinite doesn't interest me at the moment for two main reasons. One being the new open campaign style. The second being it immediately reminds me of Destiny, and while I was a fan earlier on, partly based on hype expectations, I didn't end up enjoying the overall direction they took, not to mention the poor execution over time.
Halo 4 was ok, Halo 5 not so much. With the MS, 343, Bungie, connection, especially more recent, it makes me quite skeptical. That's what reviews are for though. We'll see what everyone seems to think about this new direction they're taking.

Halo used to be my fav franchise. Hopefully they've come up with another worthy formula.

Day one for sure. ?

Nothing like crunch time to motivate me. I still have ODST, 4, 5, and Halo Wars 2 to beat. Just fired up ODST tonight lol. Not enjoying that game so far. Much more excited to play 4, dreading 5 from what I've heard, super pumped for Halo Wars 2, and beyond excited for Halo 6.

Would have played them already, but Gamepass keeps releasing games that I know won't be on there in a few months so I have to prioritize them. Plus, Nintendo releases games too, and now Sony is releasing some games on PC, so it's getting harder to have time.