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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What you could get instead of Dread for the price?

For $60 you could get Metroid Dread, an awesome 2D game totally worth the price.

However, im an alcoholic, imma get booze.

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victor83fernandes said:

You could get Ni No Kuni and have money left.

I just started ni no kuni yesterday and in my opinion its a better game than metroid, better story, better voice acting, better writing, full 3d worlds, its a much longer game, more than double the length, better music and so on.

You could also get instead Skyward sword which I find also better than metroid but I'd stick to ni no kuni if you don't have it yet.

You could also buy a bag of apples and a crate of oranges and compare them!

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Metallox said:

I could pay my rent.

God, I wish my rent was just 60 dolars...

I’d rather get punched in the face for 60 bucks than get a McDonalds Cheeseburger for 7.49.. let alone get Metroid.

I like that S.Peelman.

I could get a good punch in the face for that price. Definitely less harmful than a combo at Mikky D's.

But I bought the game, I want to punch myself in the face for such a missed opportunity.

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For 60 bucks i can get 15 doner kebab xD

Metroid Prime Trilogy + Hollow Knight + Axiom Verge + Guacamelee 1 + Guacamelee 2 + Castlevania Anniversary Collection... (each when they are on sale).

Leynos said:

McDonald's is fucking disgusting. They serve shit flavored poison. For $60 I can get a Pre-order in for Deathsmiles on Switch from Play-Asia

Fuck these elitist haters. McDonald's is delicious. 

There are a bunch of inferior $60 games

The end result of a Twitter fanboy battle.

It started off with PS fans comparing Metroid's 2D graphics/gameplay to PS4/PS5 graphics and saying "Nintendo's $60 game vs Sony's $60 game".

It soon mutated into "Nintendo's $60 game vs _______". and here we are.

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