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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What you could get instead of Dread for the price?

Metallox said:
Vodacixi said:

God, I wish my rent was just 60 dolars...

I'm seriously considering staying here for the next decade or so. The tenant only charges me 1000 pesos a month, which is about 50 dollars, for a decently sized apartment in a respectable area of the city. Sometimes it feels like I hit the jackpot. 

Totally off topic but wow congratulations that is indeed an awesome deal. Here I thought I had it better than 99% of people with a 2 story house and 16 acres in a great school district with a $360 a month house payment (started buying it in 1995 when I was 18) but your deal .... screw that I'm better off than 98% of people in that regard but you sir are the 1%.

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Jokes on you
I get dread for free :V

It costs 5980 yen in Japan, which is cheaper than most other games!

dx11332sega said:

I hope Metroid Dread outsells the highest selling Metroid game whichever that game is?

Metroid Prime at 2.84mil.

Metallox said:

McDonald's is alright, but is not Carl's Jr. level of alright.

McDonalds have the best Milkshakes for places like it, those are decent enough, but the rest is only passable if you don’t know what real food tastes like.

Granted, being from Europe my frame of reference is limited, not many of those American fast food chains make it over here.