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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite console not from your preferred brand

What's your favourite console not made by whichever of the Big Three you most prefer, and why?

(List your preferred brand for reference)

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I prefer neither Sony nor Nintendo, so I'm choosing one console of each

Sony - PS2, but PS4 is close
Nintendo - SNES, but Switch is close

I don't like anything from MS so can't really choose

My favorite console not made by the big three would be anything made by Sega, hands down.

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I prefer Nintendo
Second would be Sony mainly for the exclusives. Maybe that will change by the end of this gen as MS has a lot of new studios working on titles but as of right now... I like Sony exclusives more.


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Because it had great games.

I currently prefer Sony.
My favorite console of all time is the SNES tho. Those were the good days.

No preference. Whatever game comes out that I want to play, I just play on whichever console it's on. The Steam Deck looks interesting enough to make me see outside the "Big Three". avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

This one is far too easy for me. PS2, hands down, followed by the very amazing PS1. So many great times with both these consoles. They really did move gaming into new spaces. The Dreamcast will get an honorable mention from me since I had so much fun playing with it at the video store where I worked. I never owned it, but it was always great to see customers come in while we were playing NFL2K and ask which game was on and who was winning.

My preferred brand is Nintendo and has been since the NES. 

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I mostly play on PC and otherwise fluctuate between PS and Nintendo evenly (altho often play Microsoft games on PC anyways so no real preference either way). Ig as I'm most interested in the PS5 and Sony rn, I'll go with an unconventional choice and say the 3DS is still my favorite system Nintendo has made with an incredible library and a lot of good memories. Switch could potentially take that from it by the end of its life cycle