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Forums - General Discussion - The post when you're high thread.

Jumpin said:

I usually worry a bit when posting high. Take a look at my moderation history and you get the picture:

08/18/21 15:25 Shadow1980 Warning Flaming (Disagreeing with another user is fine. Calling them a "Karen" is not.)
02/13/21 19:21 Shadow1980 Warning Flaming (Don't call other users' friends "retarded." Not cool.)
09/27/20 16:44 Hiku Warning Flaming (Don't think we need to explain why you're getting a warning for responding a to post by simply saying gay. If you don't like the post, explain why.)

I get that feeling. When I'm high, I just want to call out the bullshit as simply as possible.

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I'm not quite sure how many thread appearances I have made today. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

I’ve sat on this text box for six hours now thinking what to write but nothing.

axumblade said:

What's everybody's preferred way to get high?

I like to take an edible to relax and then smoke a little too give me a more instant high. I used to make my own cannibutter in a crockpot but the smell gets too strong for my apartment and it takes a long time to make.

I don't like mixing edibles with smoking. I don't make my own edibles, and I don't use them that often, so it can be hard to figure out how high it's going to make me. A couple of times, I'd take edibles, then smoke,  and once the edibles hit, I was way higher that I anticipate.

Generally I'll smoke out of a bowl and just take a few hits to sleep or wind down. If getting high is actually like, my activity for the day, I'll use Bing Bong which is the name of my bong. Also, have a small vape when I want to smoke outside. Pretty sure it's legal to smoke outside now in NY, but I still prefer to be somewhat suble about it. 

Haven't actually smoked in a little bit (breaking my own rules), but have like a whole day blocked out on Monday, where I'll get stoned and gorge myself on half priced halloween candy. Edibles seem appropriate for the occasion. Got a nice white chocolate bar waiting for me.

I keep trying to like edibles, but I think I'm going to give it up. When I smoke I have an amazing experience basically every time and with edibles it's hit or miss.

Right not I am ridiculously high, playing guitar in my snuggie. It is amazing. Trying to muster the energy to play Kingdom Hearts, but that seems like a big commitment XD


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axumblade said:

What's everybody's preferred way to get high?

I like to take an edible to relax and then smoke a little too give me a more instant high. I used to make my own cannibutter in a crockpot but the smell gets too strong for my apartment and it takes a long time to make.

I like edibles and oil extracts. Either mix some oil in a drink (very easy to dose precisely) or have a cookie I make myself. The smell from decarboxylating the plant material is already very strong, so only do that when the kids are staying over at the grandparents. The whole process to make the butter takes 4+ hours so yeah the smell is definitely strong. Oils have gotten so good now the last batch I bought doesn't have any taste, clear liquid. Definitely works though, but takes as long as edibles to take effect. In fact, better eat and drink something with it to absorb it faster. Sometimes I eat a cookie and put a bit of oil in my drink later to build the high slowly.

Today I had the chance to go to the forest while the sun was out. A bit fresh, only a high of 9c, but perfect weather for jogging. I had a cookie first, then headed out jogging from home with the high hitting in the forest. Always amazing to be out in nature, especially in fall with the wind rustling all the trees and the leaves blowing in the wind. Plus it also works as a natural endorphin, easy to keep jogging :) But also very nice to sit down and relax in the sun for a bit here and there. I was out for just over 3 hours, felt longer in a good way. I had some Picad's extreme tart lime and chilli pepper kettle chips after getting home, delicious! The high is still dissipating, so technically I'm still qualified to post here :)

I just wanted to get a little buzzed but it's now 3 hours later and I'm still high af. My gym closes in about an hour and 45 minutes, so now I have to go to the gym high which I hate doing. :( 5 minutes on the elliptical will seem like eternity. Also, because I got higher than anticipated, I blew my calorie budget in one meal, so I can't not go to the gym ;_;. Was a delicious meal though...

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Mario Party Superstars is one of the best games to play when you're high. As long as you're not super competitive and are willing to roll with all the random happenings it's a blast. Honestly, probably my GOTY for 2021.

I wish I could post in this thread right now. Family holiday time - no opportunities and a whole lot of boredom.

NintendoPie said:

literally logging in after like three years to just say that playing mk8 while high but putting headphones in and listening to your own music is absolutely the best. mixture of mindless colorful and fun game/being able to vibe to music - simply perfect.

Many years ago  a 19 year old me was sharing a house with some guys one who was a 30 year old French hippie whose job was working as a dungeon master teaching D&D  at the local adult education college, he was from Le man and he grew up watching the 24 hr race since his front yard was trackside, so while I was gaming before I met him it was his enthusiasm for racing games and rpgs that turned me into the gamer I am today since he set up an old Amiga computer with a CD player in the downstairs lounge.

So late one night I started playing Alien Syndrome and after a couple of goes didn't get off the first stage, so I smoked some fine hash and decided I needed some background music and the Pink Floyd album wish you were here happened to be in the player, since it was late I put on the headphones and a wonderful thing happened I found myself shooting and moving around in time to the music and with the title track set on repeat I felt like I was one with the music and game it was a beautiful experience, I tried the game without the music later on but it wasn't the same, for some reason the music seemed to guide me through the game as for the hash that was more like  the cream on top being the relaxer/mood setter part.

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Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot