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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Things about gaming that make people mad but you actually don't care

This is a thread for you to say what issues people complain about but you really don't see the problem, you either don't care, don't bother or maybe even like it

So here my list: 

1) Long loading times. Never bothered me, useful to check my smartphone while the game is loading

2) Micro-transactions, mainly cosmetic ones. Never bothered me, I just don't buy them because I find them not worth it. The way they are displayed though can be REALLY annoying and distracting 

3) Openly including politics in the game. I actually LIKE when devs insert politics in games. If I disagree with the instances and points made in the game I can still appreciate the way they were portrayed if I don't find it intellectually offensive (AKA dumb)

4) Announcing games years before its release. I prefer when games are announced way before, sometimes years before. It's good to know a sequel or a interesting new concept is coming regardless of how much time it can take. I understand people who are "OMG I want this game noooooooow", I'm not that kind of person, I'm ok with waiting even years after the launch so yeah. What I really hate is having a uninteresting software schedule for the next 6 months...

5) Crossgen games. I'm actually shocked people dislike them, like... why? 

6) Unfaithful remakes. I actually don't mind if remakes change some things from the original game, it can actually make the experience better as it allow to correct possible flaws on the original, or just allow to make the experience somehow more unique 

7) Scalpers buying consoles as soon as they are restocked. I'm totally indifferent to them and I fully acknowledge the existence and importance of grey market, in reality I like to see people crying online because of them gives some sort of sadistic satisfaction

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1) The expensiveness of old Nintendo games: Xbox, PC, and PS owners get the wonderful experience of purchasing old stuff for cheap. But Nintendo gamers get a better return on their purchase when they sell it on eBay. Plus, games are art, and aught to be valued as such.

2) Bugs, frame rates, crashes, poor resolution, glitches: I grew up with 8-bit and was wow’d with everything through to Skyrim. That game was a mess but I was fine with it. I do need seamless loading and choice audio, but I can overlook a lot of technical issues.

3) Dual screen gameplay: I recall people complaining a lot about Wii U’s second screen feature. I personally loved having a second screen for inventory & maps. It was pretty unnecessary but it added something imo.

4) Camera angles in super Mario 64: Anecdotal, but boy did I hear complaints about this growing up. I don’t get how people could complain about those camera angles, I don’t get it… Maybe I have more skill and patience.

Emulating games. Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity runs 15-25 fps during fight scenes on the Switch. I own the game and I think it's terrible at that frame rate. Can't wait to emulate it when the next Yuzu build comes out.


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IcaroRibeiro said:

3) Openly including politics in the game. I actually LIKE when devs insert politics in games. If I disagree with the instances and points made in the game I can still appreciate the way they were portrayed if I don't find it intellectually offensive (AKA dumb)

I don't have a strong opinion on this, just wanna point out that a lot of things that have "forced politics" on them according to internet people, really don't... like, people think having a black character in a game is politics. I don't know what happened with politics but we seem to have gone back at least some 50 years if that's the kind of stuff that sparks debate. Politics should be a thing where there are two sides, two different but equally reasonable ways to do things, not some clear black and white good vs. evil deal. But that's where we are now, I suppose. "Right wing" is basically a nice way of saying "prejudiced asshole" these days.

So, uhh.

Back to the topic at hand, I can think of one overall one and a couple of game-specific ones.

- Not having easy fast travel or having it at all. I don't care for fast travel generally, I'm happy when a game wants me to learn its world and find the best methods of traversing it. If a game not having fast travel makes it boring, it's because the game failed at making movement fun. In those cases fast travel can help, but it's just putting tape over the issue instead of actually fixing it.

- In Pokémon, everyone seems to hate all the games that don't have too much post-game content. It feels like people value only the post-game content as if everything else in the game doesn't exist. Like, if you get a 5-hour campaign with 10 hours of post-game, people think that's better than a 30-hour campaign with 5 hours of post-game. I don't care about how good the post-game is, for me it's just a bonus.

- Morgana. People hate him because he forces you to do things. If there was no Morgana the game would still force you to do the same things, people just hate him because he's the face attached to it. Either way, I think he's a really great and well-written character.

- Long cutscenes and CGI cutscenes, I kind a like them and they are often necessary for telling the story.
- Linear games, A good streamlined linear game is still way better than a semi-open or a fully open mess.
- JRPG's/games without an English dub, really don't give a damn, I do hate it when there's no dub at all though.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

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IcaroRibeiro said:

5) Crossgen games. I'm actually shocked people dislike them, like... why? 

Because the newer consoles supposedly don't get pushed harder from the start. I mean, that's like the most generic criticism that people love to throw around. 

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first. 

That's an interesting topic. Let's see.

1) Low frame rates or frame drops. I couldn't care less.

2) Linearity. Not all games need to be open world. I have the impression that gamers see linearity as a bad thing when it actually is not, far from it. A well structured game that takes you on a set journey can be much more engaging than a sandbox with vague incentives.

3) The fact that not each and every Pokemon is in Sword/Shield. I'm actually glad about it, only the ones that fit into the location are in and that makes perfect sense. I hope Gamefreak sticks with this idea in future games.

4) Motion controls. I love them and they enhance the experience enormously. They're also much more precise than twin stick controls.

5) In that same sense, the dual screen gameplay of the Wii U was fantastic.

6) The price of video games in general. First of all, I can see that not everyone on the globe is wealthy, there's no debate about that. But most gamers in established countries do have the ability to afford full price games easily, yet there's still so much complaning about 60 bucks. The industry has manouvered itself into that dangerous position of slashing prices very quickly so of course the customers notice it and wait for discounts. The gaming industry has cultivated a culture of cheapness. Entitled gamers want everything for free.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

GaaS - keep making good content and I'm happy to keep paying

Microtransactions - developers and publishers have to make money somehow. Charging for cosmetics, or even temporary buffs and the like, is as good a way as any.

Scalpers - they're just serving a legit role in the market, helping with the allocation of scarce resources.

Always online games - If you don't like them, don't buy them. They don't bother me one bit.

1) accessible difficulties and optional easy modes: I don't get why people have an issue with this. There is nothing to be gained by locking people out of games arbitrarily. Using things like Nabbit or Toadette in New Super Mario Bros is a complete choice. If you don't want easy mode don't select it or use the things that make the game easier. It's simple.

2) Motion controls: I mean, yeah I guess there is a limit to what should be included, but I typically utilize them if I can and enjoy the experience. Maybe forced motion controls for competitive and highly accurate things is difficult (i.e. golf or something), but the shaking of the Wii mote in donkey Kong country is perfectly fine for me. I loved the pointer controls in Metroid prime. Heck, I liked the motion controls in skyward sword.

3) Microtransactions: like motion controls there is a point where I understand it's too much. However, cosmetic stuff that doesn't effect the gameplay in really any meaningful way? Eh, don't care. It's silly in single player games, but then it matters even less. As long as I don't have to do a forty hour grind because the publisher is hoping I'll cave and buy levels, I couldn't care less.

4) EA: They aren't my favorite publisher, but I do enjoy some of the stuff they put out. Namely battlefield. They get put on blast for canceling studios and stopping franchises, but in some of those instances, such as dead space, they allowed for multiple sequels, spinoffs, animations etc and it just never pulled in the dough. They make dumb decisions and they are totally corporate, but I feel like most of the bigger publishers are like that, from Activision to Ubisoft. In fact, I personally think Activision makes way more egregious choices and are much less daring. Heck, aside from the recent remasters of crash, Spyro, and Tony hawk they've been dishing out nothing but movie tie-ins and Call of Duty games for the last ten years. At least EA gives us games like Mass Effect, Titanfall, Fe, Dragon age, all of those Hazelight Studios games (which I like), Sims, Need for Speed, and Anthem in addition to their yearly sports, semi yearly Battlefield, and movie tie in games like Star Wars. They aren't all amazing, but there is variety.

Grinding- I never had an issue grinding levels to beat something. If you can't beat it naturally and need to grind, that is what the extra levels are for. As long as I enjoy the game, I will keep playing, grinding is a small part of it.

Long games- A game that takes over 100 hours to complete usually isn't a problem for me. Again it comes down to enjoyment. I will play as long as it is fun. A 10 hour 10/10 game isn't necessarily better than a 100 hour 10/10 game.

Excessive fanservice or nudity- I think excessive violence is worse, but that is the standard nowadays. I think the human body as an artform is much more interesting than all the graphics put into gore and blood.

Buggy games- Usually the bugs are so minor that it doesn't really matter. Sometimes the bugs can be quite entertaining and enjoyable.