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Forums - Movies Discussion - Who is the best martial arts actor?


The best one is...

Bruce Lee 12 25.53%
Chuck Norris 1 2.13%
Jackie Chan 27 57.45%
Jean-Claude Van Damme 2 4.26%
Jet Li 4 8.51%
Steven Seagal 0 0%
Other (Comment) 1 2.13%

We have a lot of good ones, but Jackie Chan in general is the very Best like no one ever was.

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It has to be chuck norris. Sadly bruce lee passed away too soon and we didn't get much films from him. So I have to give it to chuck norris. His infamous fight with bruce lee, forgot the movie. Mission in action series, eye for an eye, delta force series, walker texas ranger series etc, I think chuck norris has given us more martial art content over the years than anyone else. Then again van damme brought a unique charisma to movies. I think chuck norris and. Bruce lee were the only legit martial artists.

I like Jackie Chan and Cynthia Rothrock

I would rate donnie yen quite highly here

I don't like much funny movie, but my vote still go to Jackie Chan, really surprised about no Donnie Yen on list, him would be my second choice !

On side note, i don't like at all Chuck Norris & Steven Seagal ! but i like all other on the list !

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TallSilhouette said:

You can argue about who is the best martial artist (probably Bruce), but the question of who is the best martial arts actor isn't even a contest to me. Jackie practically created a genre of film unto himself and to this day no one even comes close.


It's definitely Jackie Chan.  I don't even watch movies from any of the others, but I really love a good Jackie Chan movie.  I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce Lee is actually a better martial artist, but Jackie Chan is like Bruce Lee + Buster Keaton all rolled into one.  He is definitely the most entertaining martial artist.  Here are some great Jackie Chan movies:

Cannonball Run 1&2
Rumble in the Bronx
Police Story
Drunken Master
Rush Hour 1,2,3
Shanghai Noon/Knights

Donnie Yen makes some amazing good action movies but overall I'd go with Jackie Chan. Even though he's not a serious martial artist, his movie and his style/comedy mix is just the most entertaining martial arts movie for me. There's been nobody else like him in the industry.

Burt Kwouk, closely followed by Peter Sellers. Jackie Chan owes both very much.   

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Definitely not Steven Seagal. Also no Tony Jaa?