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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite main series Resident Evil game?


What's your favorite main series Resident Evil game?

Resident Evil Zero 19 2.25%
Resident Evil (remake included) 116 13.74%
Resident Evil 2 (remake included) 206 24.41%
Resident Evil 3 (remake included) 35 4.15%
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X 49 5.81%
Resident Evil 4 336 39.81%
Resident Evil 5 27 3.20%
Resident Evil 6 8 0.95%
Resident Evil VII 48 5.69%
h2ohno said:

RE4 on Wii remains the best Resident Evil experience, through RE2make on PC and RE7 in VR are something special.

My three favorites, too.

A RE4make in VR with motion controls could top them (PSVR2 or PCVR).

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Never actually played any myself, because I don't play horror games, but I have seen playthroughs of the following on Youtube:

-Res 2 Remake
-Res 3 Remake
-Res 5
-Res 6
-Res 7

Of those, I enjoyed watching 6 the most, believe it or not.  6 > 2 Remake > 3 Remake > 7 > 5 would be how I rank them. I saw a partial playthrough of Res 1 Remake and was not particularly impressed by it.

Considering playing some of them myself at some point, but I would probably want them to be on Gamepass in order to do that, and only 7 is on Gamepass currently, which is the one I least want to play. If they ever put 2 Remake, 6, or Revelations 2 on Gamepass I will play them most likely.

RE 2, which to me is the only geniunly good one. RE 7 would come as a far second.

Bonus: Seems like the setting is similar to 4, which is not great for me, so I hope it resembles 7 more. Low expectations really.

RE4 probably hasn't aged as well as I (and most other people) remember it being, though my instinct is to vote for it - and I did. But it was a nostalgia vote mainly.

The RE2 remake was great and my clear second favourite here (and would probably top my list if I replayed RE4 today).

Still think 1st one is the best

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The remake of RE 1 is still the quintessential and perfect Survival Horror game in my books.

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I've only played the first two back on PS1. I seem to remember the first one being better.

It's a hard pick for me between RE1 (the GC remake) and RE4. REmake embodies everything that makes the old school Resident Evils great but RE4 is the best overall game. I haven't played the RE2 and RE3 remakes yet but they both look good. And yes, RE6 is the worst.

Bonus answer: I have very high hopes for RE8 and I'm the most excited I've been for Resident Evil since RE4 was first announced. The aesthetics look superb and I really like the theme; love those twisted vampire ladies.

I enjoyed Resident Evil 5 myself, but never really played much of the other games.

I think I just liked Chris Redfield as a character more than anything.

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KLXVER said:

RE4. The one true masterpiece.

Not really sure what I expect of 8. Just want a good RE game. Chances are high judging from the last three.

Basically this. Though, I haven't tried much of the other RE games.