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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite main series Resident Evil game?


What's your favorite main series Resident Evil game?

Resident Evil Zero 19 2.25%
Resident Evil (remake included) 116 13.74%
Resident Evil 2 (remake included) 206 24.41%
Resident Evil 3 (remake included) 35 4.15%
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X 49 5.81%
Resident Evil 4 336 39.81%
Resident Evil 5 27 3.20%
Resident Evil 6 8 0.95%
Resident Evil VII 48 5.69%

All time favorite main series RE game, is REmake 1. I still play it anytime at my workplace with my Switch, i did play the rest main Resident Evil games and finished them, but didn't feel like i'm in the mood to replay again anymore.

>What are your hopes and expectations for the upcoming Resident Evil VIII?

Hmm, i don't know. *shrugs*

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I liked 4 but fell off the series after that. I prefer the gameplay of REmake and wish they kept that. Crimson heads were esp awesome. I'd be curious to see Capcom remake Code Veronica or if they could Sweet Home.

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Resident Evil 4.
Can't wait for the remake.

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Re1 dual shock version, ps1

The original one was the best. It had a very distinct atmosphere that has not been able to be replicated by the sequels, which started to balloon more and more into the shooter action territory and big spectacle. Well, the second one was pretty on point still, before the downhill began.
The first one, man. It really felt like you were alone in a weird and mysterious mansion in the middle of nowhere, trying to survive whatever horrors was going to be thrown your way. Little by little, the plot and the lore started to unfold. Umbrella corporation? What's that?
The fourth one seems to be universally loved. I mean it was good, but it sometimes felt a little aloof, just running around in the countryside and shooting respawning monsters. Really started the trend of action and flashiness over mystery and suspense. And the weird merchant thing was so awkward, it destroyed any sense of groundedness going forward. Just felt so gamey.

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RE4 is not only the best RE but one of the best games of all time.

It's also the only one I feel the cheesiness became a parody instead of something that was awkwardly just there like in the other pre-RE7 titles. Even REmake, as good as it is, is starting to show its cheese nowadays (although, to be fair, most console games still had bad voice acting by then).






Surely, RE4

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The original Resident Evil and its remake, love them both. I actually had the long boxed copy of the original for the PS1, and I sold it to my cousin when I got the Director's Cut version with the demo disc for Resident Evil 2 (which I still have). I still have the GameCube version of the remake though.

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Resident Evil 2. My favorite setting and story of the lot. The unlockables and extra modes were darn cool too (Hunk and Tofu).

Played the demo for Village (8) and liked what I saw so I'll probably enjoy the full game. Not much to hope for really, except for it to stick same RE formula I guess and less bullet spongy enemies latter part of the game; after a few upgrades.