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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which PS3 model is your favorite and why?


Which PS3 design is your favorite?

FAT 9 45.00%
SLIM 7 35.00%
SUPERSLIM 4 20.00%

As the title suggests which PS3 model was you favorite by a design standpoint and why?

My favorite was the FAT PS3 (both the original one with the chrome trim and 4 usb ports, and the refined one with the grey trim and 2 usb ports)

because imo this was one of the best looking and sexiest consoles ever made, if not the best.

It was expensive looking, you knew that you were having something expensive in your house next to you TV as the price was 599$ or still not cheap 399$ before their production ended.

Also with the original FAT you had card readers, 4 usb ports, and PS2 backward compatibility.

(You can post one photo/picture of the model you like, either from the web or of your personal PS3)

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PS3 fat by far. It's still the best looking console of all time in my opinion; sleek, stylish, futuristic, and premium looking.

PS3 slim looks meh, super slim is just straight-up ugly.

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Superslim because it's a top-loading drive. I hate disc slot drives and trays.

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OG. I like the slot loaders since I always have my consoles upright, stacked next to all the other consoles.

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PS3 Fat as well, it's got the stylish chrome and glossy black. Regardless of its size that many complained about, it's a console design where when you first saw it it had the 'next gen' look.

It also had better features than the other PS3 models with the extra card slots, extra USB ports and ofc backwards compatible.

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Fat because it is the only one i own and didn't like the cheap look of the other two



I like the fat one due to the PS2 backwards compatibility. The glossy black was pretty nice too.
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The fat PS3 was the Cadillac of gaming consoles.

Inb4 someone makes a snide joke about Cadillacs.

Design, PS3 slim. But overall PS3 fat due to backward compatibility.

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Slim is great. Imo the most elegant PS console I've owned. Way prefer the look of matte consoles, despite looking and feeling less premium than the OG.

The origional PS3 was nice too but I absolutely hated the glossy finish. Which covered the whole thing. It was a dust, fingerprint and scratch magnet in one. You just had to look at it and micro scratches and fingerprints... EVERYWHERE lol. The capacitive buttons was also a blessing and also a curse, as you could accidentally knock the power/reset or eject buttons

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